Frame display wall at the new Michael's


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Feb 22, 2006
Bedford, Nova Scotia
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic...

Just got back from scouting out the new competition - a Michael's just opened up in the area - the first in Nova Scotia. I must say I was quite unimpressed with their display wall of custom framing. When I was living in Calgary, the local Michael's had many nice pieces of custom framing on display with quite a few interesting shadow boxes. Here, they only had half a dozen pieces up and upon closer inspection, they were just framed prints of various shadow box items rather than framing the actual item (e.g. a picture of a baby quilt, a picture of a board game). All were full-size prints, and at first glance they looked like a true shadow box.

Could be that they ran short of time before the grand opening to frame real items, and maybe soon they will have real shadow boxes on display. Has anyone seen this type of display frames at their local Michael's? I prefer to see the real deal, myself, but I have to admit that I was fooled at first.
Yep, they ALL look like that, carbon copies, each and every store. They're meant to give you the idea of shadow boxing, while not putting time and $$ into framing the real stuff. Advertising only.

When I was framing manager there, they were hung way up high, and many folks didn't realize they weren't the real thing, and wanted to purchase them, especially the fly-fishing one.
Very interesting that you say they are that way in all the stores, Val (I forgot that you were once a framing manager there, so you would have first hand knowledge). The frames were hung up very high; but I could almost swear the ones displayed in the Michaels' store in Calgary were real - maybe I was actually fooled there
No, you weren't imagining things Karen. I was involved in 2 different grand openings while working for Michael's and I actually had to frame those samples. Can't tell you how many Monopoly boards we framed because customers liked the sample so much. Sounds like they have just cheaped out on real examples. If you look at most of the stitchery samples on display those are generally just pictures of the stitchery. Sign of the times I guess.
While scouting out my local Michaels I noticed they had a 2" metal clearly marked Nielsen in some very vivid colors, blue green, pink, etc.
Called Nielsen on Monday not available to anyone but Michaels. I could really use that profile any one else?
Yeah Colleen Joann's carries them too. They are bee-u-tee-ful. I would love to add them to my line of metals too.
Guys-Imagine that this is a "Marketing Challenge" and you are in that proverbial Board Room. A booming voice from above says "Okay, you have identified a problem. Now, WHAT are YOU going to do about it?"

How many will suggest that "There's nothing I can do. They are so big and all the cards are stacked against me"

And, how many will say "I'm not taking this crap sitting down and my course of action is....."

We got the hand wringing down to a science. Now, how about an alternative or a better way. (And remember, the better way is one in which the consumers think is a better way)

Let's have some fun with this and put some bright minds together and show some creativity

BTW, if I was Michael's and I bought a ton of stuff from Nielsen, bet the farm that I (and I suspect most would also) garner an exclusive where I could
The first thing is to find out what their price point is for that moulding. Can't get cometitive unless we know what we're really fighting!

Next is to ask Nielsen's competitors when they will have a competing product.

The interim is to find a comparable profile (preferably at a reduced rate maybe from a competitor) and experiment with some simple spray paints.

At the same time, we search for "other" possibly wood alternatives. Studio has a nice wood line in colors, maybe stacking them? Maybe talk to Studio about a wider profile?

I'd start except I don't actually think I would sell what you describe.
No, both places definitely get their Nielsen direct. Cliff, these colors are metallic and very very bright. I don't know that spray paint would achieve this look. I could have sworn that Nielsen came out with some hot bright colors last year, I'll have to ask my supplier. These are really special.

I'm not complaining here Bob, just wishing I had those to sell. Check them out if you get a chance........
Nielsen came out with the "Vivids" collection. Five colors in the 117 profile. Red, Silver, Blue, Purple and Green. If the ones you are talking about are like them then you're right, regular spray paint won't work ... then you need the New metallic spray I just saw demo'ed at Home Desperate. Not quite the same texture look, but VERY bright and metallic.

Might work.
Nielsen has the vivds colors in the 117 profile, the vivids colors in the 99 profile are exclusively for the big box stores, and nielsen wont sell them thru their distribution network. I tried to get them for one of my customers here in vegas.
Huh, Nielsen sent me a sample set, the prices are in my pos, I just haven't ordered any yet. I think the prices were listed under Nielsen and Larson. They are marked as "special" though.
I too called Nielsen direct and have a set on their way to my store. When we called our Nielsen /Bainbridge rep she wasn't even aware of their existance, so we called Nielsen direct and they were only too happy to accomodate our request.

Originally posted by Creative Chicks:
I too called Nielsen direct and have a set on their way to my store. When we called our Nielsen /Bainbridge rep she wasn't even aware of their existance, so we called Nielsen direct and they were only too happy to accomodate our request.

I'm confused! Are they sending you the 117 series Vivids or the exclusive 99 series? :confused:
So sorry Sue. I wasn't very clear. They are sending me the 99 series. I can't wait to get them, we do well with the 117 series.

I just spoke with my Nielsen rep about this and he thinks that everyone might be getting confused about which 99 profile samples they are getting, he thinks they might be getting the 99 samples from the Spring of 2006 Launch, the ones in the metallic finishes. I was told by him that Nielsen doesnt make samples of the Vivids in the 99 profile because they are exclusively from Michaels, Aaron Brothers etc... Just thought I would share this because I tried to get these for one of my customers a few months ago, and was told the same thing from Nielsen then.
Did you know that Michael's and Aaron Brothers are the same company? Just a little FYI. That's all.