Found leather moulding but need input


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Jun 13, 2002
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I want to thank those who responded with my request for leather moulding...

I did find Mertrade has Gorgeous handcrafted leather mouldings but very pricey.

I found that Framerica has some leather moulding that looks really nice.... problem is they only sell in boxes (min. 3 boxes) and I only need enough for a 24" sq. frame package... and I haven't heard back from the rep to even see it in person - just on the internet.

Would love to see the samples, get idea of pricing and see if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks for your help.

Mertrade carries a wonderful line. I hope your client can see for himself what he gets for his money. Don't presume that you must settle for less (unless you have one of those clients that want to buy a Rolex for 10-15 bucks, on Lexington Avenue, just in front of Bloomingdale).

I wish you first offer wonderful, then beautiful, and ultimately the really nice framing. You'll be surprised to see that clients are not always so price concerned as we anticipate them to be. Your client appears to be a very demanding person since he went straight for his idea of a molding instead of just buying something nice and conveniently priced from your wall. If so, he might be also able to see for himself and pay for Mertrade instead of Formica or whatever the really nice molding manufacturer's name is. You'd make a larger profit too, while your client would be truly proud and happy with his pick. Try it. Better me being wrong than you.

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The Mertrade frames are a bit pricey, but they are really an excellent value. I have made a hand covered leather frame and can appreciate the costs, both materials and labor, that goes in to making these frames.
You might try your hand at hand covering the frame with a faux leather fabric (pleather) much as you would a fabric liner. You can make the moulding in length, miter, join and conceal the joint with a bit of folded material as decoration, or you can do a continuous wrap on a joined blank frame.
Roz, can we get a website for Mertrade? I'd like to see their stuff. If not, how did you find them?? :confused: :confused: :confused:
Thanks for the input and I haven't discounted the Mertrade moulding...

There web came from my previous post inquiry and is

These options are both good but getting samples is the hard part. And the pricing... That's where I am having difficulty!

Thanks, again!

I clicked on your link to Mertrade and nothing happens. I went back to the other postings and clicked on the links in those as well and nothing. I put Mertrade into a search engine and got the same thing... nothing when I click on the link. :confused: :confused: :confused:
We have used the Mertrade line for several years. The samples are expensive but they have a tremendous "WOW" factor with customers. They are great for western theme art and mirrors. These people are great to do business with. They also make leather photo albums that can be customized with any design you desire, even a name.
This is too weird!! It loads a site but the page is empty. Just a cream colored screen. That's all. :confused: :confused:
If you are having trouble getting to Mertrade's web site, go to our web site and look at the sample pics under leather frames.
Well, the Mertrade rep called me today......For those of you who don't know, I have a home based business/shop behind my home ( Some wacky guy wondered in one day...said his name was "Framerguy " walked around looking at everything, mumbled something, then left...beware..he could show up at your place..check the door locks !!! )..Anyway.....For being new in the market business has been very good and I just wanted to try and find a few nicer lines to carry..anyway...He informed me that the only way you can get their products, or even "See" their products was to buy a couple of "Sample Pieces"..... Now, I am not talking about "Frames" I am talking about just a couple of samples of the product..for $200.00...No catalog, no pricing, until you buy the samples...He also told me that their "Entry Level" frame was in the $1000.00 range !!! Went on to tell me about how they make "Horse Saddles" ...well, I don't know about you guys, but I have yet to have someone come in and want to look at Horse Saddles !!! Maybe that's the key element that I am missing..I need some Horse Saddles hanging on the walls !!! Being a "Newbie" I already realize that I am not a Madison Ave type shop....nor do I think that "I" will be selling any $1000.00 leather frames....
So someone chime in here....How many of you sell
$1000.00 frames (Just the Frame) on a "Regular" basis ??? Don't fib, I know where you live and I will send that "Framerguy" over to your place !!!
That's " King J.Michael" to Sherry........
about once every 3 months.

Also, the $1000 estimate is a bit high I have several 2' profiles that sell in the very reasonable $40 per foot range.

These are closed corner frames.