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Jul 30, 1997
The Vendor Forum was been taken down do to lack of interest.

A new no flame New Framers Forum was added in it's place.

I will monitor this forum actively. I just thought new framers might feel less intimidated with their own place to ask questions without feeling like they might get flamed. No question should be considered dumb in that forum.

Thanks for your understanding,

You are free to comment here if you oppose/like this new forum.

It's great.
Thanks. I like the new Graemlins (simple pleasures!) and the page breaks. There are changes I'm not even aware of. It's like finding Easter eggs on DVD's.

I can't figure out this Graemlin though.
...I think is pulling his/her/it's hair out.

Jana, that Graemlin is pulling her hair out. Surely you know the feeling.

Framer, if an old framer wants to ask a dumb question, should we use the new forum or the original ones like we always have before?

If you want a moderator for the new forum, it should be someone with infinite patience and completely lacking in sarcastic tendencies. It needs to be somebody really NICE. That leaves out most of the existing moderators (except Mike, and he's already monitoring a couple of forums about 20 hours/day.)

Meghan McMillan would be perfect, but I'll bet she's pretty busy these days.
Framer, I really like this idea!

But, who is going to answer the new people if it's only for new people? :confused:

Yea I know thats a stupid qustion but I am only a little serious.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that Framer is trying to say that on this forum that anyone can answer questions ONLY if we are on our utmost, nicest and sincerest behavior (and, of course, if you know the answer). Mama always said - "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all"!
If you can help please do. If you feel put off by a question please don't comment.
In other words, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

If this new forum were really restricted ONLY to new framers/explorers, I think there would be two problems:

  • As Rogatory suggested, there might be limited resources available for answering questions.</font>
  • I'll bet about half the old framers on TG would register again with a bogus profile just to participate in the new forum.</font>
But it's not restricted in that way, so it looks like a very nice idea.

Edit: Gee, Cyndi, maybe that Vulcan mind-meld WASN'T such a good idea.
What a cool thing for all the new people! Less intimidating......

I figured she was pulling her hair out but what I don't get is why she is out of focus, almost ghostlike in a cartoony sort of way.....

Plus all the graemlins are all askew in their little holding cell. They used to be lined up like sardines in a can. Now they are hither and tither almost like they were thrown in and landed where they might. Nothing wrong with that, just making an observsation.
Actually, Cyndi, it looks like we're both wrong.

I just tried to post a sarcastic response to framer's welcome message on the new forum and got this:

You do not have permission to enter this area.
For the record, I wanted to respond to this:

There are no dumb questions here.
With this:

Not yet, but it's still early.
So it's probably just as well.
Hey, no kidding, Less is not allowed in there either.

I think you should give the job to Bob.

Excuse me for a second
Turns out Ron's Tape Measure (a newby, if ever there was one) doesn't have permission to post on the new forum, either.

My partner Ron and I aren't really trying to circumvent the system. Well, maybe a little, but mostly we're trying to figure out how it works.

Possibly it is restricted to Grumblers who register AFTER a certain date. Somebody else can figure that out. We have a Mat Maestro to deal with. (When we said 16x20, we didn't mean 16-3/8 x 20-1/2!)
My thought is that it was the old Vendors forum which was restricted. Maybe the restriction didn't get lifted. Kind of like changing the locks when somebody moves........
Hey, Pat Regan! YOu still out there?

You're pretty new here. Try posting something to the new forum and see what happens.

If your computer blows up, it's not my fault. I just measure stuff.
What happens if they have no interest in framing, they just want advice on how to do it themselves and bypass us altogether?

guess we could send them to eframe.

Is the lowest number on Ron's Tape measure 6"

Let's see how many newbee's all of a sudden appear.

Less' Finger

But Emibub, we can READ the new forum and its messages - we just can't post. The vendor forum was locked down so tight apparently NOBODY could get in there.

I don't want to register again just to test my theory, but I'll bet somebody will.

Less, it looks like they'll mostly be advising each other.

Have you noticed that Stanley, in his latest incarnation, has dropped the II from his name - at least when he comes from Home Depot? What gives?

Pat :D
Well, it won't let me in either!! And Lord knows I've got lots of "dumb" questions! (Although there supposedely isn't such a thing!)
I second Ron's nomination of Meghan for moderator on the new forum. Neither I nor Dr Fraud can post there. Some of the new framers might NEED Dr Fraud's help...
Can we bring back those "URL", "Quote", "Image", etc. buttons?

In my old age I keep forgetting the ...
Bill, if you reply from the link at the top of the page all the buttons will be available.
They're just missing if you use the Quick Reply function at the bottom of the page.
Cruel, Bill. Very cruel.

You lure the shy and inexperienced with the promise of a safe haven ...

...then when they try to use it, they get smacked with a notice that says "You are not authorized to enter this forum."

(The organ music rises to a sinister crescendo as an evil laugh echoes through the empty forum.)

Okay, that's it! I'm going in under deep cover.

I'll see you on the other side or not at all.

(One of you is going to have to teach my Sunday school class in the morning if I'm caught.)
Can't go out to eat with out something happening. I thought the forum was open. I just reset it and will check it out as test person.

Yes, this is framer using a regular account to see what's going on. More later....


aka testpersdon
They don't get any newer than me, and I couldn't get in.

That's why there haven't been any dumb questions yet.
Holy Crap! The new forum is gone!

It just packed up and left town.

Either that or somebody broke it. It wasn't me.
oops, it's back

hey, the edit thingie doesn't show up any more...
OK! I think I got it fixed. Time for a
now. I almost had to
on that one.

So really am I going crazy? I seen this on other boards and it can help by reducing stupid(sorry new framers) questions on the main board. I thought I would give it a try for a few weeks and see what happens.


Ron, how was it under the covers, I mean underground....

I'm going to sleep on it. I'm taking it down for the night and will think it through. It's been a tough day.


Seriously, framer, I think it IS a good idea, but it'll need constant supervision so that somebody like Betty doesn't go on there and start terrorizing the newbies.

Also, the participation would probably be better if someone could actually post to the new forum.

You're right, though. There weren't any dumb questions and nobody got flamed.
Dang! I was actually able to post on it earlier, and now it's mysteriously vanished again.

They're powers at work here beyond the ken of mortal man!
I just posted to the forum that isn't there. I went in through the back door that somebody left open.

If it's still not there in the morning, I'll know I imagined the whole thing.
i went in through ron's back door...ok that was maybe not the best words for that, but...ok i will just go away now
Bill, if you reply from the link at the top of the page all the buttons will be available.
They're just missing if you use the Quick Reply function at the bottom of the page.
Oh, okay, I never knew there was a difference ... or, actually, I guess I never noticed that you could post a reply from the top.

Thanks Deb.