For Canadians who want fabric

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
Great news!

UPS just left the building and has programed the file to fill out those forms neccessary to ship fabric from Frank's Fabric for Framers Facility.

Fabulous Fundimentals Found For Forwarding Feature Fine Fabrics as well as Frank's Fabulous Flexiable Fillets For Fun Formulas Featuring Framing.

I posted this because my email, in my lap-top where most of your [Canadians] addresses are, is frozen. It went to the doctor yesterday.

Two years, across an "Open" Border, with a NAFTA partner...... and in spite of W DC, we got it done.

You can order on line also, just remember to mention the Grumble.... [I'm working on Frank to be a sponsor.]

I'm too lazy to search (long day), where can I get swatch samples for fabric wrapped liners?

Does Frank's do liners if I give them the size and color?

Just took an order this morning for something I don't do, big order so I do it now!
Jb, Call them, tell them what you need, which fabric... I could have sworn you got 10 of the Liners corner samples with . . . . I was possitive you got the show special "Whole Enchilata" which me . . .

Call Frank, and tell him I said "Take Care of You", he can take it out of my hide on the 24th when I come to teach the class....

We'll even join the thing if you want. But its best to just get it with upholstered mitered corners if it's big.

But if its 50 16x20s 2" gentle scoop.... have Frank's team do it. But it may take a week. But then when it comes, you just fit them.

Good news is, we don't have to fill out customs sheets for New Jersey anymore. :D
That is great news, Baer! Thanks for "encouraging" Frank to make this happen and I extend my thanks to Frank, himself. He has been such a terrific person to deal with and I received an e-mail from him yesterday afternoon with the good news. Once I've completed getting my UPS customs brokerage account set up, I'll be waiting in anticipation to receive my swatches and fabric wrapping kit. :D
At the risk of making this a Baerfest, I would like to say THANKYOU!!!

I called Frank and he took care of me.
(Heck of a nice guy)

Baer, can't wait to get started. Thank you again.
Oh Ron
Would that be a PETA thing or a PETA thong?

Oops thats the Canuck in me speaking (or typing)


(you wouldn't believe the other smarta$$ comments that I just backed up over cause of some more sensative eyes. not everyone needs to know that under this mild exterior there really is a pig)(maybe I should backup over that too, naw its friday)
Geez James, I had to nudge it enough times to get your attention.... Nudge the University for me.
Hey Ron,

I did like the look of a Mink wrapped mat with Ermine trim but in the north furs are a little common. This year Canada will become the world's biggest producer of Diamonds from all the new mines. So I'm thinking diamond filled vee grooves for a little sparkle!