Fom-Cor Repair Solution


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jun 11, 2004
Edwardsburg, MI
Lacing a jersey onto black fom-cor to put into a shadowbox, I accidentally bent the board slightly and left a 6 inch crease in the board...(I hate when that happens!). Also managed to put the needle in a half inch lower than desired and left a small hole below the jersey in full sight...(really hate when that happens!).

Not being one to want to spend another hour or so re-doing the whole project, I considered all my options, said a prayer, and proceeded forward knowing I had nothing to lose if any solution I tried didn't work out.

Took a water misting bottle and slightly dampened the crease and needle hole. Warmed up my hand iron (tacking iron would probably do as well) and lightly ironed the board. Magically the crease and hole nearly totally disappeared from sight!!!
The blemishes were virtually GONE!

"What a Wonderful Life..."

People always tell me I have a horseshoe hidden somewhere.

Dave Makielski
That's a good tip, Dave, and one that I hadn't considered. I was prepared to tell you (assuming that your post was a question instead of a tip for repair) to scrap the piece of foamcore and start over.

This just goes to show how innovative framers can be when faced with a problem that can't be easily undone.

If your feeling guilty about turning out a fixed job. You could cut the foamcor around the jersey just smaller then fabric. Then glue down the cut FC to a new sheet.
Thanks guys for these timely tips. It's always nice to have a backup plan. I do think framers can be pretty smart in figuring out ways to fix "boo-boos".