Folded Flag, part 2 - top mounting methods


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
Thanks for the all the help on the original thread about proper folding of a US Flag for display in a frame package ...

Here is part 2 - now that I do have the job - I had originally planned on putting it behind a mat, but upon further thinking - top mounting it looks better for the flag... but now I am wondering the best way to secure it. It is a small nylon flag so it is lightweight and only 14" across the bottom measure and 7" height, 1 1/2-1 3/4" thick.

If stitching, how much? Or other options that you have used?


Paint some Leather Weld on it and smash it down onto the matboard .................... no wait, that was something else!

OK, I have made a triangular case like structure out of suede matboard the thickness of which matched the depth of the shadowbox. Let's use some fake numbers here to illustrate: say the flag was 38" on all 3 sides (added together) and the shadowbox was 3" deep. You could cut a piece of suede matboard a little over 6" wide and 38" long, cut a V groove out of the back side of the suede board lengthwise and fold it over down the middle to make a double sided piece. Then score 2 marks where you want to make your triangular folds (cut a little bit out of each score to give room for the fold) and fold it to make a triangle. You can figure out how to attach the 2 ends together. I glued the right angle end of the triangle into the lower left hand corner of the shadowbox and placed into the remainder of the box whatever else went in the design. You can insert the flag into the triangle and do the final fitting of the box.

Granted the glass will hold the flag in place from the front but that isn't any worse than any of the flag cases that are on the market today.

You can attach the triangle for the flag in any corner that you want to have the flag displayed. If you have a heavier bereavement flag you can reinforce the triangle or redesign it to support the weight of the heavier flag.


That sounds very cool... I will give it some consideration!!


I just did three of these for a returning Marine Col. who is presenting them to different organizitions in the city. They were flags that had flown over Bagdad, and they had papers signed by one of the Iraqi leaders.(I have no idea who)
I just stitched them with attach-ez all the way around. They floated beautifully that way. They wern't very heavy though.

It's is a cool look to have the flag look like it is just floating in air.

I also cut a triangle opening with about an 1" all around and it was all done on red suede. A really cool look because when the flag is folded, there should be no red showing.