CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I need to drymount three 8x10 photos to foamcore. Just curious about the easiest way to flush trim the photos after I have them drymounted. Is the best way to do this with a straight edge and razor knife? Should you try and complete the cut in one pass or several? Is the Fletcher 3000 of any use for trimming foamcore? What is the best method for accomplishing this task? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
I always mount oversize and trim with the straight cutter on my Keeton Kutter (old-fashioned table mat cutter). Sharp blade (new blade) cuts in one pass.
I don’t bother with a mat cutter. I cannot score the line with as much accuracy as a straight edge and an XActo knife on top of a cutter board. I use two or three passes through the foam board.
We flush trim with our wall cutter. Don't put the photograph under the clamp, put the excess foam core under. You don't want to end up with indentations on the photo.
I have done it all three ways mentioned above with equal success...

If you want a beveled edge - I use my mat cutter (manual) and extend a fresh blade. I mount photo/art on sheet larger than needed to make the cut past the photo edges but not completely cut the foamboard off - for better stability and cleaner cut at the corners.

I suggest practicing on a couple of throw-aways first!!

Try this. Dry mount the photo to the mount tissue only between two release papers. I've done it and it will work. Trim the edges and dry mount the photo with the tissue alread on the back to the foam-core. Clean finish and no razor over cuts. Use a tact iron if you have one to position them on the foam-core. Good luck.