Flower Bouquet Shadowbox


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Feb 24, 2005
Southern Maryland
I am sure I can find some help here on the Grumble with this one, I HOPE!!!!!!. I have a customer whose daughter had gotten married a couple of weeks ago, and now wants here flower bouquet put in a shadowbox. She had the flowers in the fridge for a week and they are wilting quite badly. Is there any way that they can be saved? Would it be better to find silk flowers, instead of trying to perform a miracle. I have already explained to her that they won't last long, unless they are freeze dried, and vacuum preserved. She said "Do what you can", as of right now, parts of the flowers have dried, even after being in the fridge, the stems are starting to deteriorate, and my gut is telling me to find some silk one's and let these dry, THEN frame them too.
You may be in luck Dave, the PPFA is not only part of PMA, but also a new group to the mix [along with the Professional Scrapbookers Association] is the Dry Flower Association.

Call the PPFA, and maybe they can put you in touch with one of the DFA members in your area.
G'day Dave,

Mate, from what my flower ladies (customers) have told me over the years, the preservation of the real bouquet is very much dependent on the handling and treatment of the flowers . . . right from the outset.

These sound too far gone, but might be salvageable.

Find a freeze drying place that specialises in flowers, and talk to them.
They can sometimes mix up what can be saved with silk flowers to make an arrangement . . .

By the way, I'd LOVE to send you over a deeper style convex GLASS for the job, rather than a shadow box.


Give me a mail off line if interested (see profile).
Mention the G, I'll look after you.
I’m certainly not an expert, but I have a commercial account with a local business, Floral Keepsakes, who freeze dries arrangements like this.

If I’m not mistaken, I think she has said that she has to get them within 24 or 36 hours to keep them from turning into compost.