Flogging a dead horse?


El Framo

I am getting pretty tired of dealing with the steady decline in quality of moulding. I understand that our industry has been down over the past few years, but this is kinda frostin' my pumpkins.

We use LJ as our major supplier and have had very little problems with their quality over the years (couple this with their great customer service and you're cooking with gas). But over the past few months we have seen a steady decline in quality. It's almost like we're paying LJ prices for lesser quality chinese moulding.

If the quality is going to be sacrificed, let me know so I can buy accordingly. This not only angers me, but also interferes with my customer service to the end client.

Sorry about the rant, well, no maybe I'm not.
I'll bet chops, shells that fall apart, moulding that squishes in the V-nailer, and finishes that don't look like the quality that is on the sample that we got last year....are on his list.....

This weekend I have 130 corner samples to take skeet shooting this weekend....

Had to make room for the better stuff. (CC's) :D
When I started in this industry in 1964, I would guess that about half of all custom framing shops made or finished (or both) some, or all of, their own mouldings.

I can see that starting to happen again. We are making and finishing, I would guess, about ten percent of our moulding sales. It could be higher, I have not tracked it, just guessing.

Cost of materials is a whole heck of a lot less. We get to control our own quality.

Think about purchasing some raw mouldings and developing your own line. It will certainly give you an edge on other "chop & join" shops.

You do not have to get all complicated, you can start with blacks and walnuts, raw colors, etc. You make a whole lot more profit, and guess what, It's fun.

It's almost like we're paying LJ prices for lesser quality chinese moulding.
You are. I have noticed that LJ has been moving the country of manufacture to the asian countries.
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
moulding that squishes in the V-nailer,
Yep, twice this week alone! :mad:
The entire line hit the dumpster this morning.
They worked great this morning at skeet shooting. :D

The squishy one just kind of disinigrate, but the hard shelled compo one EXPLODE!
next time you go sample/skeet shooting, have someone video tape it! I would love to see it!
David, I was in fact looking at video cameras today. :D

Oh yeah, Lubbock.... I guess you would understand..

My sisters old 45s, the SQUARE Melmac we grew-up with, HS Chem books, sail-bunnies...It's all good.
Do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, put those corners in your fireplace!

HS Chem books
Baer, after flunking college organic chemistry (and changing majors) I could have sold my textbook back to the bookstore for about $50, but chose to toast marshmallows over it instead.

Maybe if I'd paid more attention in organic chemistry, I would have understood what happens when you burn those corner samples.
Ron, you already knew the most of organic Chemistry that you needed to know.....

Light books, roast marshmellows, squish beween gram-crackers and Hershey's....eat.

See, simple. :D
It seems the majority of our problems are arising from the wood substrates being changed to some less durable (softer, pithier, lighter) types. Also, the quality of the finishes has been slowly heading south. Is this a problem with most manufacturers/distributors?

Also, thanks for the letting me flog on.
Unfortunately I do. Somehow the phrase,"Caught btween a rock and a hard place", comes to mind.