Floating angel w/fabric background


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
This is actually an angel plaque that I floated on fabric. The backing board was spray mounted and I crumpled up the fabric and glued it in place. The angel has a hook on the back so I made a hole in mounting board andpushed the hook through the back and wired it in place. I added the diaganol frame for visual interest and that is stapled in place from behind. I cut the backing board with turned up sides to form shadowbox. The overall size is 14x14.

Lj650cs 150.00
Lj102cs 94.00
fabric 20.00
mounting 25.00
glass 17.00
labor 25.00
fit 15.00
total 346.00

Great looking job, Kathy!!!
Nice job. Interesting idea. Did you make that one up yourself, or did you see it somewhere?
Actually Less it was my own idea. The angel thingy was something from here when I bought the store and I had the fabric here for a wrapped mat. Just started playing.