floating a hockey puck


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Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
searched the threads for this,but nada....
I need to float a hockey puck(actually 2 of them) in a SB.
they are NOT signed or special(other than they were produced when Tampa won the big one...that make them 'dont mess them up' special enough to NOT uses screws into the back???)
they have the NHL logo stuff painted on the bottoms(does not care about the logos-only the CUP decalson the fronts). so, instead of sticking them into holes,the guy wants them to be floated to almost equal the width/hieght of the stick......any ideas on how to attach the pucks to mylar(?) hinges, passed thru the FC into the backer, without screwing up the paint jobs on the back??? think 889 will take the weight?

Hugh previously mentioned something about the rubber outgassing sulphur....what, if any, concern will this have in the choice of attachments/adhesives?

thanks for any input!
I would try something like Tulle (I think Stabliex is to weak, but someone else may know differently). make a hole in foam or baord, wrap the puck in the Tulle and pull it around back of the puck and through the hole. You can do this directly on backing board, or onto something else that can be mounted for height.

The other option might be to make metal rod mounts put shrink tubing on them and bend them to support the pucks at any height.

With the metal rods you might be able to make it look like the stick is hitting one of the pucks. Kinda tilted maybe?

just a couple of quick ideas.
I second the tulle suggestion. I've done a few using black tulle and it looks great. The process is pretty much as Cliff described, but if you want more info, Jim Miller covered it in a recent PFM article. Pretty easy and completely reversible.
Recently I had to frame a hockey jersey, magazine, photos, and a hockey puck and the customer wanted all of this mounted on top of the sewn-down jersey! Dillema! The customer found a plastic holder designed specifically for hockey pucks. I poked (burned with a needle) holes on the bottom of the case and sewed it down, then inserted the puck (very tight fit, and nearly invisible), put the lid on and voila!
Unfortunately, it was at my previous employment and I don't remember the customer's name to ask him where he found the case, but I believe it was through a sports equipment supplier. Maybe Google "Hockey Puck Holder"?
Bill, check out Pro-Molddirect.com, they are out of Ohio, and the cases that Val mentioned are only a buck and a quarter. Of course S/H will triple the price. Let me know how it turns out.
holder is GREAT idea!!!!! isnt it amazing how much we DONT know about!
thanks all....
Mr. T, tulle is a fine mesh, often used in bridal veils. It comes in various colours and you should be able to purchase it at your local fabric or craft store.
Mr. T, check out the tulle next time you are s'boxing golf balls or hockey pucks, as in this case.

Soon, we will hear you say.." I pity the fool that don't use the tulle!"

..now you know how to pronounce it, too. :D

(SORRY! I couldn't resist!!) heeheeheehee