Floater Question....


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Sep 5, 1998
New Cumberland, PA
I'm about to use Studio's new 340-125 floater on a large canvas the same thickness as the floater. I've got a few ideas on how to attach it ... but I'd like to hear those of anyone else who has used this frame...
Three screws or more along each of the four sides is traditional if the canvas is stretched on bars.

I don't know about "invasive", but screwing into, stapleing into, or nailing into stretcher bars doesn't seem to bother most people.... but then Dave is from THAT state..... :D just messing with you Dave, you can shoot back on the 30th.
Maybe a clarification is in order. This floater is not the classic "L" shape, as in most. It is a straight-sided frame, with no "L" section ... straight sides, no back rest. Essentially, if the stretchers are thinner than the overall thickness of the frame, a strainer can be installed inside the frame at the correct depth, and painted black. This stretcher occupies the exact height of the frame ... so, no strainer can be installed.

This URL has a pic of it, if you scroll down ... it's called the Canvas Floater:


I would like to avoid any cumbersome stuff slapped onto the back.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Mending plates? Or silicone...lots and lots of it
PS Seems like a lame design to me. Who's idea was that? I'll stick to the "L" shape. Maybe it's easier to mill and leave the work to the framer.
Lets see if I can make all of this work.

It's actualy not a "Lame" design. It's just a "Cheap" design, designed by a bean counter, but I know how to make it work.

Even though I know FramerDave and I both could agree on a few too many sticks of 80% dynamite.....

First, wrap the canvas snuggly with the frame...(oh dog, I'm actually doing this.)

Second grab your MultiMaster point driver

MultiMaster info here.

Third, shoot multi points into frame where they show that silly strainer.


Forth, screw #6 1/2" panheads through the multipoint and into the back of the stretcherbars.

Paper back with Cambrick Cloth so it all can breath. Wire not buddies. Oh wait it's a Studio moulding.... Buddies instead of wire. :D

just joking about the buddies.