Float Mounting a Script

Canton Crew

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 17, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
I'm old and have a feeble brain today, and am not feeling particularly creative. Anyone have a good suggestion for float mounting a script (dramatic). It's about 3/4" thick and bound loosely with those brass thingies that go through the loose leaf holes. Obviously it must be archival, no glues, etc. It also must be well supported, but the cust wants to see the whole thing, including the edges. I did warn him that he might also have to see the attachment method. Well?

If you take a number of sheets of Japanese tissue
and cut them so that they are both longer and
narrower thatn the "book", you can pull them
around a support board and adhere to the back
side of the board.There should be enough friction
between the tissue and the pages to keep the book
steady, but you can also lash thread through the
metal rings to keep things in place. The advantage
of this technique is that it spreads out the load,
as widely as possible. The ends of the tissue will
show, above and below the book, but that should not be to objectionable. You will need one strap of polyethylene strap to hold the first page.

Thanks guys, worked well (I essentially used Hugh's system) -