float mounting a previously mounted photo


Dec 4, 2003
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Customer brings in a mounted photo, she wants to float it in another frame. What is the best method to attach this two pieces, previously mounted photo to new mounting surface. I had looked in the archives, but i didn't find anything. I might have used the wrong phrase for the search. thanks
What is the photo mounted on? What are you floating it onto?

Rag board onto fabric: Frank's Fabric Glue
Alpha onto paper mat: Frank's Fabric Glue, or Yes past.
And if the photo was mounted on cardboard or masonite, it doesn't matter what you mount with, the damage is done.
Even white glue or corner weld will mount a mat board to a mat board.....
The critical mounting has already taken place. And that is out of your hands.... You might ask them (if you can't tell by looking) how it was mounted and on what. If they don't know, it probably didn't matter to them to begin with.....

So, it may sound cavalier or "un-professional" or non-FACTS, or NON-Certified, but the answer is now moot. Mount it so it works and is least envasive.

The previous mount is 8 ply mat board. The real quuestion is what type of adhesive,glue, or sticky stuff is best for holding that picture in place. Foam core is the new surface to be mounted to, I'm trying to keep gravity in mind with this, the 8ply has alittle weight to it. Photo is an 8x10
That size should not be a problem. I would think you could mount with T hinges through slits in the foam board.