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Float Mount Technique

Stephen Enggass

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Aug 12, 2019
Hey all, so I will be float mounting a painting (acrylic on paper) onto a 1/8" piece of foam core which will then be mounted to a piece of (decorative) mat. The foam board will be inset about 1" from the edges of the back of the painting. What technique would be best for mounting the painting to the foam core? I've searched online and seen a couple of different ways to do it but would like your experienced opinions. Painting is @ 23"x16"... it will then be assembled with a 1/2" space between it and the glass. Thanks!

Joe B

PFG, Picture Framing God
Forum Donor
Mar 29, 2008
Hinge the art to the AF foam core or 8 ply rag mat (preferred) then glue the FC or 8 ply to the back mat. I would use 4 to 5 Mulberry Hinges with Rice Paste across the top and 2 to 3 Mulberry Hinges on each side for that size art. The hinges on the side should be a little loose to allow for some movement. No hinges on the bottom. That's what I would do, I'm sure you will find a few more techniques that will also work. Do Not Use Pre-Pasted Linen Hinges.

Just a suggestion, you should really go to some classes in January at the WCAF. All of what you have been asking about has been covered in those classes by experts in all techniques of framing. Getting the information here is very helpful but until you can sit down with someone and watch how it is done you may not be doing it right. Most the classes at the WCAF are hands on and you will definitely get you moneys worth in the training. I'm just really skeptical about trying a new technique on a customer's art, especially when it is an original - you can't replace an original if you were to screw it up. just saying......


Humble Picture Framer
Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Oct 9, 2007
Joe is right.

Working on other's property without certain knowledge and experience is risky. I think you should get some similar materials and practice before proceeding.

And find the time and money for some hands-on classes. Written descriptions and videos can only take you so far.

There is nothing like that awful feeling of thinking you are doing something safe, only to discover in a quick second that some damage has occurred that you can't fix.

The next shock is how much that art is worth to the customer once you are tasked with paying for it. And that goes double for friends and family. They may not demand money, but that bad taste hangs around a long time.
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bruce papier

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 25, 2011
Hinging is definitely the way to go. You could also use Klucel-G as the adhesive. I've used it on pieces similar to what you're looking to do and I have found the Klucel-G to be more forgiving. I've done pieces where the paper is lightweight, but the application of paint was heavy making the piece as a whole fairly weighty. The Klucel-G allowed me to use a heavier weight paper for the hinge without the worry of cockling.
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