Flimsy flexi points


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 1, 2005
Before I started framing for myself, I discovered, by accident, that some framers were using these very flimsy points. I found out when I noticed a gap between the frame and glass. I don't know how it happened, I suppose during moving it got pushed on. I opened the back and found the points had given way (bent). I bent the points back down and added brads the sure it up. I checked another picture. It was okay, but the package seemed loose overall. I opened and sure enough, there were those flimsy clips.

I liked the sturdier points framers used to have. I don't use the flexi ones. What do you think?
John, the "Flexi" points are for when you are putting glass and backing in a stock frame to SELL.

That way the costomer can bend then out, fit thier picture, and bend them back. and then they feel like a REAL framer. :D

Use the black gun...stiffer.
I use the Fletcher Multipoints for 90% of my fitting. Good holding power but can be removed easily (with one of those tools that looks like a tiny pry bar.) If you have to refit because a little booger magically appears behind the glass, they are flexible (unless you have a bad batch.)