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Jan 12, 2004
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Recently purchased a used Fletcher 8400 but it did not have the right side bracket. The framer who sold it to me said he contacted Fletcher but was told the parts are no longer available...

Any thoughts on finding one?


Bill Roberts
Pearl Harbor, HI
You might want to build a shelf on the wall corresponding to the same level as the right support arm. Make sure that the surface is made of or surfaced with metal to allow for wear. Vertical elongated holes on the shelf will allow for adjustment.

Finding a actual right support arm will probally be a fruitless search.
I have a Fletcher 8410 with no right arm. ??? What's up with that?? Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I tried to find a right arm and a mat cutter black and could not find one anywhere!

I'd say you're probably out of luck unless someone trips on oen in their basement somewhere.

BTW, anyone need a glass and plexi wall cutter?
I just noticed my previous post. That was supposed to say Mat Cutter BLOCK not black. Anyway, the thing's just sitting in the corner.

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Early 8400's did NOT have a right side material rest/support. Later models did. Designed and released in 1984, this machine was replaced by the F-3000/F-3100 machines, and spare parts became unavailable about 2-3 years ago. Sorry.
(The 8448 was the 48inch model, while the 8460 was the 60inch model....clever huh? ;) )

Jerry's suggestion to build a support out of plywood would work well. You could even install a strip of metal or plexi if you wanted to facilitate material sliding through.

Bill.....If you upgrade and buy a new F-3000 for cutting matboard / foam centered boards, hang onto your F-8400 and use it for just cutting glass. It's nice to have two wall cutters when things get busy.


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