Fletcher no longer distributing Attach Eze?


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
Maybe this has been discussed before, I don't pay attention to the Attach-Eze threads since I am one of those odd balls that prefers and enjoys sewing jersey's. A fellow framer had several jersey's to frame this week and needed to replace needles after bending several. Our local supplier told her that the tool and accessories were being discontinued and that Fletcher was dropping it because they had so many complaints on it. Our supplier told her that they had many many returns on the ones they sold. She is just annoyed after spending all the money she did on the danged thing. Just curious if anybody knew the scoop. We noticed the tool was no longer on Fletcher's website and of course, it is too late to call to get answers.
Can't help you Kathy, I've been trying to test one of these things but equivalents is the best I can do in UK - hate them!

Just wanted to give some reassurance, I think us 'oddballs' are actually in the majority.
I haven't bent a needle since I saw a demo from Pat, maybe because I didn't read the directions thoroughly the first time. My own fault. They aren't disc. get them from the above website.
When I heard her speak...sorry I forgot her name, she said that she has so many new products that Fletcher could not support her endevors. So she decided to go it on her own. She is a smart lady and is very informative.

I have used the attach-ez and have no problems. An ease tool, some folks do not use it correctly; hence the needles breaking.

My friend thinks they are way too inconsistent. She has used hers for a while. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I guess our supplier has had the same issues. I think she has been pretty comfortable with the tool and also got a good demo at a tradeshow last year from Pat, so it isn't like she is just learning how to use it.
This is one of the most common tools in the clothing industry and can be purchased from thousands of vendors around the world. You will have to check for needle compatability.

Be sure to look into the chemical properties of the fasteners. Here is just one site but my search brought up 489,000 websites. Prices are all over the map on this item.

Pat Kotnour, the originator of the Attach EZ, should be along any minute now with more information.

There's more to using this tool correctly than meets the eye. Read the instructions carefully and practice a while. Like all framing tools, it takes some skill to use it right.

Comment: The new Attach EZ needles are much more durable than the ones I got a few years ago. I haven't bent one yet this year -- neither has Nadine, and she can break almost anything.
Cindy who uses the gun at the Frame Outlet says she's broken one needle and bent one in two years; she uses the gun frequently and says she'd like to see us try to pry it out of her clinched hand. Nancy at The Frame Works is off today so I don't know how she's fared with her gun but I haven't heard any complaints. Both Nancy and Cindy can be ham fisted on occasion. Our experience is that the Attach EZ gun is reasonably robust and a heck of a tool. If we had to replace the whole kit twice a year, Toni says it would be worth the negligible expense. A great tool in our experience and very, very useful.
Your not an oddball.

I have an attach ez and prefer the look of a real sew down.

Everyone has a preference, none are necesarily right or wrong.
You are correct that Fletcher and Attach-EZ are no longer co-branded. For anyone who is speculating it was nothing more than a business decision that both companies decided on together. I did have many new products that were becoming a bit of a marketing problem for both of us. It was simply a matter of being time for our companies to move in different directions.

I am the first one to say that Fletcher was a wonderful company to work with and they have been extremely helpful with the transition. We left on very friendly terms and I am so grateful to them and their terrific people for helping to make Attach-EZ a household word in the framing industry. They are are the most professional and trustworthy company that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and when they gave their word, I found that it was something I could always take to the bank. Thanks Fletcher!