Fletcher Flexi points jamming in gun

I once received a defective box of points. I suggest you ask your supplier to trade it for a new box, and see if the problem goes away.

Of course, if your tool is worn or bent, that's another thing. In that case, replace parts or the whole tool.
Bad batch of points. Get a new box from a NEW shipment. Or call Fletcher direct. There was a problem that only occured (hopefully) with the flexis. To much glue down the glue strip.

If this is for final assembly of standard framing, call your distributor and get a BLACK gun that drives HARD points....

WE had a picture come back that had bent all of the flexies..... They had put a heavy present on top of the frames....

There is also a great devise which is the YELLOW gun and shoots a barbed hole.... into the side of a stacked moulding or liner or canvas.... then you just stick a screw through the hole...and screw them together...

Of course, if you haven't ordered your Fillet Master, you're still doing fillets the s l o w way. Very cool. Just ask John Raines.

This tool is right up there with when the underpinner first came out.
The problem lies in the fact that the flat hammer in the gun doesn't shear the plastic goop holding the strip together. This I solved by taking the whole assembly apart and putting a clean, sharp edge on the tip of the hammer along with a slight bevel downwards (to give it somewhat of a scissor edge) using a 600 grit diamond file.

My gun had been giving us trouble for months before I worked on it.

My band-aid for the problem was to grind down most of the plasic stuff before loading the points, but that just got to be too much hassle for the quantity we were using.

If this is within your capacity, do it. If not, a lot of woodworkers use these diamond files to sharpen chisels so you might ask one.
Hope this helps.

I'm sure you already called the toll free number at The Fletcher-Terry Co. before even posting to the Grumble :D Of course you did. 1-800-THE-FTCO. As Mike correctly pointed out, there was a bad batch of FLEXI-points, but this was sometime ago. Although a driver can mal function, it is typically a point issue, and in this case it was the coating on the black Flexi-points (not the adhesive strip.)

Make sure that you are using genuine Fletcher made points and not generic. ;) A strip of these points should be able to bend like a "Slinky" somewhat when fresh.

As Baer suggested, the FrameMaster with Framers points are always a better option for permanent custom fitting (Black Gun with hard points in Baer language.) :D