Fletcher fillet master and chopper

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
I just saw the flyer for the fillet master along with the fillet chopper. Is this particular fillet chopper something new or did Fletcher have them both all along and is just now marketing them together?

As I understand it, the fillet master can be used with any chopper whether it's specifically a fillet chopper or normal size chopper - right?
Correct. We had the very first batch from the inventor, before Fletcher bought into it, and use it with a standard Mors0 chopper.


We used to dread cutting fillets until, after Mike’s recommendation, we got a FilletMaster.

Once you get it calibrated, you will never mis-cut or have to re-cut one. (Calibration may take you 30-45 minutes, but you’ll only have to do it once).

We use a Morsø, so the cuts are glass smooth and dead bang accurate. You do not have to make any changes in the way you use your chopper.

The FilletMaster is a brilliant piece of engineering. On the Fletcher site there used to be a video describing how it works. They claim it can be used with a standard miter saw, but we’ve never tried it that way.
Hope you are still happy with the Fillet Master Mike. I remember you getting one of the first units. The new chopper did not exhist when I created the F.M. It was hard to tell all of the framers that owned a small table top unit that it would not work with them, but now a small unit is available.
Jerry Lee
Yes, indeed. It has earned it's keep.

We sell a lot of fillets and always use your product.

We havent tried it with the saw, only because the fillets are so small and fragile. The chopper works fine - in fact thats the ONLY thing we still use the Mors0 for. The saw gives a higher quality result for everything else.

I know that everyone has raved about the Fillet Master (and for good reason) - my main question is, is this Fletcher fillet chopper new, or is it something they've had all along and are just now marketing it along-side the Fillet Master?
Betty, Fletcher is OEMing a chopper from Frame Square. It seems to be a little more sturdy than the original Frame Square, but you can tell it's ancestry. At WCAF they were selling it separately. I suspect you can still buy it separately. This "bundle" seems to be a merchandising push.
Jim Burk bought Frame Square last year and I heard that he was developing a new chopper. I called him and suggested that he make the Fillet Master work with it or the chopper would be obsolete the day it came out. He was smart, and after making a few modifications it does. I am pleased with how well this little chopper works. This was not a marketing ploy, just good timeing.
Buy the way, the Fillet Master does work very well with a single or double miter saw, and is a tool that stands alone. But for those that do not have a saw or chopper, this is a good set up.

The Fillet Master will not work with just any table top fillet chopper! I was told my Mini Mitre by ITW would not be compatable. Of course I bought it new just before the Fillet Master came out. So know I feel I need to just stick with it to get my money's worth..
But I sure would like to have that "package" setup!!
Hope that helps with your question.....
I've seen thee devices at the trade shows. The Fillet Master and Fletcher's fillet chopper go together like peanut butter and jelly...a grand combination.
Hi Betty,
We've had the Fletcher "combo" for a little over a month now. I initially thought the Fillet Master was overpriced for what it does, but the longer we use it the more I think its worth every penny. It's dead accurate every time. The new Fletcher chopper is equally impressive...and yes it's a beefed up Frame Square chopper...even has the Frame Square logo on it. We've probably cut 15-20 fillets (x 4 corners = 60-80 cuts)in the last month and the blades seem to be as sharp as new.
The combination of the 2 devices saves us tons of time on a fillet. Haven't done any time/motion studies, but I know we're making more money. FYI, we used to cut fillets on the saw, and trim, and trim and trim and then cut again!
We'd sure recommend the Fletcher combo!