Fletcher F-6100

Melissa B.

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Feb 25, 2004
Aurora, CO USA
Can any one give me some input about the Fletcher CMC. I know they stopped producing it last year, does any one know why? I found one for sale for a good price and I'm hesitant to purchase it because I know about the Wizards and Eclipse, but have not been able to find out much about the Fletcher. Is this a machine I can depend on for a while? Or will it just be more hassle than its worth? Can anyone tell me what the machines were selling for new?

I believe they were about $24k new, and were built very well. Those who have Fletchers generally tend to be very proud of the machines.

Although discontinued, the company will be standing behind the product until about 2010.

We have a Wizard, so I can't answer your other questions. I'm sure some Fletcher owners will jump in. However, there's a list HERE that compares past and present products - with prices and contact info.

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Thanks so much for the information. I searched and searched and couldn't find much, the comparison chart is very helpful.
The Fletcher appears to be a very sound machine. Owners were very upset when it was discontinued and Fletcher announced they would support the machine for seven years.

Seven years is an eternity in the world of CMCs. I would kill for seven years of support for my Mat Maestro.

If the price is right and it's in your budget, snatch it up.

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OK, Here's te deal on the Fletcher 6100 CMC. We've had one almost since the beginning.
The two major reasons we chose it over the others (primarily Wizard at the time) was that it was extremely easy to use. The software thinks like framers think. Also, we liked the idea of dealing with Fletcher-Terry, a company that had been around forever. Alas...point #2 was sadly naive.

We still like the ease of use. It can also do things such as "deboss" lines which no others can do. We sell a lot of deboss lines. They're really nice.

At the same time the software can be a little quirky and do things you are not expecting. They did make a lot of (big) improvements in the software over the few years it was available and perhaps the the last patch will fix most of the problems with the last upgrade (very quirky).

Three other things to be aware of:
The blades are relatively expensive

The computer is built right into the machine. Looks good but if you have a computer proble it's not like you can just order a new one from Dell. Ours uses Windows 95 so networking is a bit sketchy.

This business of having to spray remount on the running board is for the birds. It's hard to gauge exactly how much to use. Too little and expect problems, especially with multi-opening mats. Too much and you end up with sticky stuff all over your mat. If for no other reason than that, I would consider a Wizard or Eclipse unless the Fletcher is a really good deal.

On the subject of the Wizard vs. the Eclipse, can anyone rate/compare the quality of their cuts and v-grooves?

I bought my 6100 about 18 months before fletcher announced they were getting out of the market. Fortunately, it is a rock-solid machine so I am not particularly concerned. They still provide excellent support. New, it was considerably more expensive than a Wizard. However, if I needed another machine now and a good, used 6100 was available at a good price I would not hesitate to buy. The standard software is pretty easy to use. The Designer Choice software is a bit challenging so look into the seminars Fletcher has been holding on Designers Choice and Delta Cad. The seminar is helpful.