Fletcher CMC

Go to www.Fletcher-Terry.com and click on the CMC link.

At DecorExpo-New York I watched their $12,900 entry level "MatPro 150" CMC cut a neatly beveled circle less than 1/4" diameter. As far as I know, nobody else's CMCs can do anything like that. I'm currently saving up for one of those.
I've used three different brands of mat cutters:


I think the Wizard is the best, with Eclipse a close 2nd, and Fletcher 3rd. But the Fletcher was an older one and was not very user friendly so maybe that has changed with the new Valiani one. If your planning on buying a new CMC though make sure to research all of them, and if you can use them before you purchase any of them so you know which one you like the best. Good luck!
Originally posted by Paul:
Has anyone info regarding the new Fletcher/Valiani mat cutters ?
For what "information" are you looking?

We have the Valiani "Future" which we've had for the past few years. If you need any information on this model, feel free to contact me.
My F-6100 has been trouble free for over three years and I am entirely pleased with it. It is quite sturdy and has all the capabilities needed for my small shop -- and then some.

But if I were in the market for a CMC today, I would buy the $12,900 Fletcher-Valiani MatPro 150 in a heartbeat.

Make me an offer I can't refuse for my F-6100, and I'll buy the MatPro 150.