CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I have a new Fletcher 5600 V-Nailer and have a question regarding tight corners. I put a frame together using glue and v-nails from this machine. The v-nails shot in fine, but I ended up still having to use a band clamp to pull eveything together until it dried. Is this common, or should I get VERY tight corners by just using the 5600? My miters were perfect and the frame assembled just fine after band clamping, so I do not think it is an alignment issue. Am I not placing the corner gauge on the 5600 close enough to the frame when shooting the nails? Maybe using a band clamp after v-nailing is common? Any advice appreciated.
Make sure that your v-nails are in with the wax side up. I have this machine, and the corners bounced apart once when I had the nails in upside down.

I have found that clamp placement is critical with this v-nailer--have gotten better with practice, but it was slow going at first.
Reminds me of the recent debate on Hitchhiker concerning the virtues or otherwise of various brands of underpinners ... if you have followed that debate you will know that (we) Cassese bigots would say "told you so" or words to that effect.

More seriously, you should expect perfect corners so you probably have not got the machine adjusted correctly, or as jaybee says may have the nails downside up.

But if all else fails buy a Cassese!
Like nearly all underpinners, that machine will make perfect corners if the clamps are properly adjusted, if you have the right fasteners loaded properly, and if your pneumatic air pressure is correct for the wood.

The usual problem is with the vertical clamp. It must be placed directly above the spot where the v-nail will be inserted from below. Also, the clamp should be placed about 1" above the moulding surface.

Also make sure the frontal clamp is engaged, which pushes the miters tightly together.

If there is any movement of the wood parts when you actuate the driving mechanism, then you have to readjust and try it again.