Opinions Wanted Fletcher 3100

Mike Drury

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2015
Lexington, KY
Fellow Framers, For those that own or have had experience with a Fletcher 3100, what is your opinion of that wall cutter as the go to every day cutter of mats, foam, glass and acrylic? We currently use a Fletcher 3000 and have purchased a 3100 to replace it. I liked the idea of being able to cut 1/2" material and aluminum panels but before I sell the 3000 I wanted to hear any feedback about the 3100. Thanks, Mike

Larry Peterson

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
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Apr 8, 2003
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I chose the 3100 over the 3000 years ago because I cut a lot of cardboard. Cutting cardboard will quickly dull the blade. Cutting as little as one piece of cardboard will dull the blade to the point that if you cut a piece of foam core afterwards the foam core will tear rather than cut.

I bought an extra blade holder just for cardboard and switch them out when I cut one or the other. Changes in seconds.

I cut glass, mats and foam but not acrylic on my 3100. I have dedicated panel and table saws for acrylic.

Joe B

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Mar 29, 2008
Blaine, Minnesota
I've had them both, still have the 3100. Liked them both but needed the 1/2" material cut so I really like the 3100 best.


PFG, Picture Framing God
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Jan 27, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
For many years in the past I've used the 3000 and I even have one at home.
I like the turret head that holds all three blades and in most cases it works just fine.

We have the 3100 at work and my opinion is that it's a little more industrial and heavy duty than the 3000.
I also like that the 3100 will go to and cut about 2 inches taller than the 3000.
It's come in handy a few times and I would not hesitate to buy one.
The 60" 3000 will go to 60" tall but the 3100 goes to 62" tall.

They are both very good tools and they each have their good points depending on what you are using them for.

John Ranes II CPF GCF

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 7, 1999
Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
Hi Mike,

The F-3100 was developed as a "sister" to the F-3000 in the late 1990's when UK framers who thought the F-3000 was a great machine (wanting to purchase one)...but then asked, "Does it cut MDF". This was the primary reason for the development of the F-3100 and of course it was designed not only with the roller cutting wheels for MDF, but also a deeper material rest for cutting thicker mount/mat boards as well.

The one key difference when comparing the two machines, is that to accommodate the MDF Channel on the right side of the center cutting channel, that portion of the anvil had to be removed. This gives the F-3000 a complete anvil and an advantage when breaking thin pieces of glass (1/8 to 3/8 inch). Breaking away larger pieces is somewhat the same on both machines.

To answer your question depends on your primary use of the machine...I would honestly say that if I was cutting primarily 3mm/5mm Foam Core, 4ply - 8ply matboard and glass, then the F-3000 is the machine that I would recommend. If you have a high percentage of MDF or thicker mat board come into your shop, then you might opt for the F-3100.

The F-3000 is sold in 48 inch (Actually the smaller model may be discontinued) and 60 inch versions (cutting height of material), while the F-3100 comes in a 63 inch version.

I hope this is helpful.


P.S. I own two F-3000's in my shop (the date back to the late 1980's)... Glass is cut exclusively on one while the second is used for all paper products (so it could have been an F-3100).