Fletcher 3000 mounting height ???


Oct 21, 2005

I have just ordered a Fletcher 3000 (60" model). I see that, according the Fletcher-Terry website) a wall space of 92" from the floor is required to mount this item to the wall.

My question is as follows: Is 92" the MINIMUM or OPTIMAL height? In other words, if I mount this item with the upper support at exactly 92" from the floor (as they suggest in the manual) will this put the mechanisms, etc at a practical working height? Or should it really be mounted higher? Is it possible to mount it lower than that 92" and not have to sit on the floor to operate the machine?

If one purchased a 48" unit instead of the 60" unit, couldn't you still cut 40x60 boards (acknowledging that you'd have to cut the long side running parallel to the floor of course) or am I missing something? In normal framing operations, is there a real advantage to having that 60" machine? Currently we only process 32x40 sheets but I don't want to limit our future business but I also don't want to overbuy either.

Any opinions/experience/feedback would be appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.
Hi Peter,
Definitely having the 60" cutter is best as well as a mat cutter. Why turn down a job because of size limitations? I have not regreted either purchase and just did a job a while back at 36x66. Still had to cut the plex by hand,,

Anyway the optimum height is 92"
I measured mine and it's at 90". I spent 3 years lifting oversize sheets of plexiglass onto that cutter and my left shoulder is paying for it now, How tall are you? would be the question. If you are 6'4" like my brother you might want it higher than the suggested 92"
I wanted mine a bit lower so I wouldn't have to life so high, over the shoulder and I'm 5'6". Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info! Anyone else have any experience/opinions on this? Anyone with a 48"'er who has had to pass by business due to size limitations? Or can you usually do what is needed on the 48-incher?
What an interesting question... the new home for my Fletcher 3000 has a rather low ceiling. I thing it's like 80". I haven't moved it there yet, and I really have no choice.. but I'm guessing I may develop some back problems from bending over too far to look at the ruler. I hadn't thought about not having to lift plexi as high, that's a bonus!
I don't know if this is standard, but my current batch of 48x96 acrylic is 51" wide so I'd be an unhappy soul if I only had the 48" cutter. Though it seems like a big expense for a job that can be done with other tools, since I got my Fletcher 3000 I've been kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Formerly cutting the glass/acrylic was my least favorite job and I'd often have pieces sit for days before I got the energy - now it's the easiest job.

Mine is mounted at 92" and I find it extremely comfortable. I work at it sitting down.

Originally posted by framinzfun:
...the new home for my Fletcher 3000 has a rather low ceiling. I thing it's like 80"...
That's one reason why many people order the 48inch F-3000....because of low ceiling concerns.

That's why most sales reps and framers alike would state that for the additional $100-150, if you have the height to accomodate the 60 inch version, then that's the way to go!