Fletcher 2200 Dimensions


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 21, 2005
Carson City, Nevada
Will someone with a Fletcher 2200 mat cutter please tell me its measurements - length, width and depth of the base? We're building a new tabletop today to accomodate the new one (with squaring arm) on its way soon. Thanks!

Any suggestions for the tabletop would be appreciated.

Since you're building your own, you can do some really cool things that you may not get with a commercial table!

1. You can offset the top to make the bed of the mat cutter even with the top. I did this when I built my tables almost 20 years ago and it really helps alot.

2. You can put whatever kind of covering on the table top you want to use. Some use coroplast, some use glass, I chose to use indoor/outdoor carpet in the same beige color that I used on my customer counter and my moulding sample displays.

3. You can incorporate any type of storage you can think of in the bottom of your table! I put in a series of vertical bins separated by 1/4" luan where I store all my matboards and fallouts. There is enough room to put all the Crescent rags, museum rags, black cores if you use them, all the Moorman suedes, and all the Moorman linens. In each end I incorporated shelves and a spot for a small waste basket and I store a real stash of goodies in there!! All my small little tools that I use for finishing off frames, tools like dental tools and spreaders, tapes, cleaning rags, glass cleaner, stencils, drafting tools, small chisels and knives, all sorts of things that you need to make a frameshop operate correctly. (And there is enough room for plenty of Reeses Peanut Butter cups and a few packs of chedder/peanut butter crackers for that noontime urge.)

Decor did a really nice writeup on the tables I designed many years ago and I still get an occasional e-mail asking how I did something or another with one of those tables. I can e-mail you a photo or 2 of the matcutting table if you wish.

Oh, I almost forgot, I am 5'11" and I made all my tables 39" high which is optimum height for me and I never had any back pain from working at them in all those years. (All my back pain came from doing stupid things!!)

Also they all have a 4' top on them and they will still fit through a 3'0" exterior door. I have moved them in and out no less than 6 times over the years.

Thanks Joel, but how can it be only 59" if it's a 60" mat cutter? I'm confused...my old one is 67"........did you mean 69"?
I have a 60” 2100, don’t know if there’s much difference. It’s 71” x 23 ¾” x 1 3/8”. I have the extended base, which makes it wider.

If your going to build the table so it is flush with the top of the cutter and butted up to the edge, remember the 2 hinges stick out to the right. The ones I have (again a 2100) stick out 3/4" and are 2" long.
Make sure you notch out for those.

HERE is a link to the 2200 manual (pdf).
Val get the extended base option if you can!Also the old 2100 had a bar lifter option. I don't know if the 2200 does, but with a bar that long they may be a good investment!

I have the 48 and love the extended base. Makes multi openings easy to measure and cut out.
It's already ordered but won't get shipped until they receive my check (went out today) Didn't know about the extended base or the lifter bar, will check on those. We've decided it's best to wait until it gets here, then build the table. (Silly me, I was just anxious!)
Sorry Joel, I thought the 2200 was the model# for the 60", maybe a diff. one for 40/48". Not so.

Thanks for the link David, that helps.

We orginally thought we would just add a new, bigger top to an existing table, but the mat cutter is longer than we thought, so will have to extend the entire thing, and build bins underneath. It already has a nifty drawer in it, but it may have to come out for the bins to fit. Gotta have someplace to store my Jelly Bellies!

Framerguy, I'd love some pictures, plans, etc. I'm only 5'3", so that will be taken into consideration. Table is now 34" tall, but we will have to build it up, too low even for Midget Me!

Heck, we might just have to build a whole new table! Might be easier! Geeze.

Keep the ideas comin', Grumblers!

I'M SO EXCITED!!! It's like a new baby is on the way, except without the pain!

Thanks to Peter Ackerman of United, who worked with me for a great deal on it. Just ordered it on Thursday, it came this morning, that was quick!
Mr. Ackerman, you're Awesome!

For anyone interested, there is a rebate offer from Fletcher from Aug 15 thru October 31: $250 rebate when you purchase a Fletcher mat cutter and return the cutting head from your old mat cutter (no matter how old or condition). And an additional $25 rebate with the purchase of any accessories.

I'M SO EXCITED!! Waiting for Strong Husband to get here to help open the box...it weighs about 80 pounds!!

Then we start building the table for it. Framerguy, thanks for sending the pictures. That's exactly what I want!

:D ..... :D ..... :D ..... :D ..... :D
You're welcome.
So, we got it out of its box. It wasn't really 80 pounds, just felt like it!

Fletcher 60" 2200 dimensions? HUMONGUS! After cutting on my 32" hobby model Logan all year, this thing is a monstor! And I love it!!

Cut my first mats on it last night. Ooooh. Aaaah. Thought I might need a cigarette afterward, but I don't smoke, ha. Settled for a chocolate muffin instead. Cut mats in my sleep all night. I haven't looked forward to mat-cutting in a verrry long time. This is Heaven!

We may not be building a new table for awhile, just adapting the existing one with an extension with shelving underneath (great idea, Framerguy) and tabletop build-up. Don't think Patient Husband's patience will go that far for now (I keep changing my mind!). Need to give it a lot more thought and planning before we plunge into that project. Marriage counseling, perhaps.
(Not really, just kidding, Dear.) Not-a-Framer-Yet Husband says "Framers! You guys are nuts!"

Please tell me I'm not the only one that gets this excited about a mat cutter!

Tell me about the Clamp Lifters....my arm! Do they really help?

Table is nearly finished, just needs the trim. We took Framerguy's advice and:
* Offset the table top where the mat cutter is recessed (in our case, built up the remaining table surface)and flush with the tabletop. Smooth!

* Covered the table surface with the same carpet as the other work table and design counter. Table extends 27" from edge of mat cutter, so plenty of room to work when not cutting mats.

* Had to extend the length of the existing table top and built shelves underneath at one end. Will store supplies and jar of Jellybeans there!

* Mat cutter height is at 38.5", okay for Tall Bob, but a portable platform for Shorty Val to stand on if needed. Actually, it's pretty comfortable for me now, will see when I have to do a lot at a time.

Break's over....now, back to work!