Fletcher 2100 Squaring Arm....Not Square


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Hello :) Thought I would see if any of you all have an idea on this.
I had to move my fletcher 2100 to another table in my shop so I left the right squaring arm attached.
Of course I had to resquare the thing (right side squaring arm), but I can not get it perfect for anything. I have worked on it the entire afternoon and still not right.

Any of you know any tips or tricks that may help?

This may be way off base, but I'm just pulling this one out of my head; assuming that your mat guide hasn't been knocked out of whack (the left fence which you push your mat up to), put a full 32x40 sheet of matboard up against it as if you were going to cut it, slide it down until it rests on the right arm, and then push the arm up against the board. That might help, if I'm not far enough out in left field on this...
Peter's method works for us but, from my experience, mat board often comes to us somewhat less than square; I usually use a 20 x 24 inch piece of glass straight out of the box.

But, a carpenter's square (at least 24" x 16") is the preferred method, I believe.

I too have the Fletcher 2100. I too have tried and tried to 'square' this thing! I followed the directions, video, EVERYTHING to a tee....until one day I had had it!

I went digging for my husband's BIG squaring tool (one leg is 24" and the other 16"). Well........

The Fletcher is right on!!! I then took the squaring arm to my matboards. Would you believe!?! MATBOARD CORNERS ARE NOT SQUARE! I tested two company's boards and they are OFF!!

Ofcourse, this takes me right to one of my gripes....how do they get away with this? This is why many framers measure, mark then cut on the lines (w/o use of the Fletcher squaring arm) OR own CMC's! Sounds a little fishy, doesn't it. ;)

That's my find......and I'm sticking to it! :rolleyes:
Thank you for the link to the manual. Stupid me could not find it on fletchers website.
And of course I can not find my original

Just FYI:
Once I get it sqare I take a fairly large peice of scrap and keep "squaring" it up, and adjusting the cutter until it is perfect :) Takes a little time but worh it.

Thank you all so much! :)
Just so everyone is aware, most matboards are not only NOT square they often are not 32x40 or 40x60 (The good news is they are rarely smaller). It's not that the manufacturers are doing this on purpose, it's just that they trim 1000's of matboards per hour and things do go out of adjustment from time to time.