Fletcher 2100 problem


Grumbler in Training
Feb 20, 2005

Just a quick question for you all. The Pivot Screw ( Im pretty sure this is what its called ) on the bevel cutter head keeps coming loose. I am having to remove the blade cartidge and tighten it every 5-6 cuts. I have had the cutter for 3 months and it has only just started now.

Any help would be appreciated.



The pivot screw needs to be tightened with a nice large slotted (flat) screwdriver, <u>with the cover off</u>.

After removing the blade magazine, then remove the three small srews that hold the outside of the pivot assembly together. This will allow you to really get a really good grip on tightening this shoulder screw.

The screw is designed to bottom out, such that the assembly still moves freely, after making this adjustment. If for any reason, the assembly starts to grab, then you need to change out the shim washers, controling this adjustment.

I would talk to the technical sales folk from the distributor from which you purchased the F-2100: Antons, Larson-Juhl, or GB Aluminum. These are Fletcher-Terry's three appointed distributors in Australia. One of these folks should be able to assist you.

Part 12-533 Qty 4 Shim Washer $0.44

If for any reason, they do not have the necessary parts in hand, or you prefer to obtain these yourself, spare parts can be ordered directly from Fletcher-Terry / Spare Parts

If after tightening the shoulder screw "to the max" and it continues to loosen, then apply a small amount of service-removable locktite onto the threads (available at most hardware stores.)


(Consultant to the Fletcher-Terry Co.)