flat print machine?

Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
I saw an ad for a machine which flattens rolled prints but can't remember the name. Does anyone remember the name and/or website?

You are probably looking for the D-Roller. See: http://www.d-roller.com

Having said that, many printers make our own device from a piece of mylar plastic and a 2 inch tube. Mine cost me about $2.00 and has been working faithfully for 4 years now.

Rick, Tape a 30" wide sheet of Mylar to a 2" roll.
The Mylar wants to be 5' long, but I told it to be only 4', and I'm the boss, so it is.

Lay the poster on the Mylar, "roll bow up" and re-roll the Mylar/poster sandwich in the reverse of the roll.

I put a rubberband on each end and leave it for a day or two... and it comes out flat, or flatter.

Heck of a lot safer than pulling it over the sharp edge of a counter.
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
Heck of a lot safer than pulling it over the sharp edge of a counter.
Is that how all those TK's got scratched? ;)
What kind of roller?

Here are a couple of shots of the "Ken-Roller" :)

Okay it's not the most hi-tech device ever, but it does work very well. In most cases it will decurl a piece in 20 minutes or so.

It is made from a piece of mat board as the base. A sheet of mylar is attached to it at the end with the tape of your choice. Finally, the other end of the mylar sheet is attached and wrapped around a 2 inch card roll and a piece of duct tape secures the sides of the mylar to the roll. The back-stop keeps the whole thing from unravelling.

When a print is placed into this contraption, a spring clip holds the roll from moving.