Flat black frame - problem with corners


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Nov 10, 2002
Charleston, SC
I just put together some basic flat black frames. I used a little bit of wood putty in the corners and it created a shine where I rubbed it in. Now the joined corners are shinier than the rest of the frame. I tried using paste wax on the entire frame but that didn't work. Any ideas?

make a new frame
make new frame, or try a little steel wool, or use clear matt spray on the whole frame ( make sure you clean all the wax off first) or ultra matt black spray paint or make new frame.
I think Less was a bit quick of the mark there :rolleyes: ……..try polishing the whole frame with some clear wax……..

and then you need to look at your operation and figure out why you needed to use putty in the first place…….if you are cutting your moulding correctly there should be no need for putty…….this is all about BPI (Business Process Improvement) or some of you may know it a Six Sigma…..remember every time you eliminate or improve a process it will help you to make more money and improve your quality.

Take care

The puttty you used was probably wax based. I've had good luck wiping the frame with Unseal to remove excess wax. If that doesn't work turpentine should. Test the frame first in case the paint disolves. Good luck....
Thanks Frank!
I used turpentine and it cleaned the shiny area without harming the moulding's finish.