Flag trouble


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Apr 14, 2004
Okinawa, Japan
Hello everyone from the island of Okinawa! This is my first post on the Grumble. Our frame shop is located on a military base so we get a lot of flags that customers want to get frame either for themselves or for their squadron. This lady brought in flag that was about 32x23 or so and wanted it frame. The flag was going to mounted on a brown suede mat sounds simple enough but it's got these gold fringes going around the whole flag. She's concerned that the fringes will fall down when the flag is upright in the frame. Well, I'm no scientist but I do believe gravity will do that. Is there anyway to keep them up upright or do I tell the lady, sorry, that's the way it is. This is the first time we ever framed a flag with fringes on it. Any help will bel highly appreciated!
I'm not going to smart-aleck this one, but I have a picture of this fringe shot up in the air, looking as if it's been electrified by a prod and resemmbling Homer Simpson. You are correct: gravity will take hold in normal conditions and the fringe will do what fringe does. It's the way it is.

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If the flag was displayed on a pole, the fringes would be controlled by wind and gravity. I have framed several flags with fringes, I just let them fall naturally. To display them neatly spread out all the way around would look ridicules.

Make sure there is enough space between the flag and the glass so that the fringes have room to fall in place. If your customer insists that they be laid out flat, I would suggest a photo of the flag instead. Even then, it would look silly, and distorted.

The fringes are meant to fall with gravity, that is the way it is supposed to look.

Will the flag be displayed horizontally or verically? If vertically, your customer might be more inclined to let the fringe fall where nature wants it to. Since there is no fringe along the fly end, you'll end up with fringe hanging straight down along the bottom and the sides. If it were horizontal, the fringe along the top would hang down over the top stripe, which may be what your customer is trying to avoid.

Either way, let the fringe fall where it wants. If your customer absolutley insists that the fringes stick out, charge her out the wazoo for sewing them down.

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Thankyou everyone for your reply, I couldn't believe she wanted the thing (fringe) straight up, as unnatural as it looks. We decided to straighten all the fringes, tape them down on the top side to get them all straight and flip it over, spray it with adhesive and flip it over again unto the mat and remove the tape from the fringes. If all remains in place, amazing, if not she gets it as is. I will try to get a pic for all of you..
sawtoothgal: I used to work in the flag business and you really went the distance to display a fringed flag in a manner it which it truly was not intended to appear. Fringed flags are for inside display use only. Many times they are used for parades but this is not recommended due to the delicate nature of how the fringe is made and attached. They are made to "never fly outdoors" and to "never have the fringe do anything but drape delicately from an inside staff." But.....if the customer is happy, good job.