First aid for sun damaged print

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I haven't seen it yet, but a customer said she has a print that has been 'wrapped up' for years. Part of the 'wrapping' had been torn, so that when she recently opened the print, there is about a 2" x3" area that is yellowed "from light and dust". Is there anything that can be done to treat this? If only to minimize the color contrast?

I've already discussed the conservator route, but she said the print isn't worth enough to pay for that involvement.
You could scan the original and edit it via Photoshop or other program.
To once again cite Vivian Kistler's most useful declaration, "We are framers, not magicians."

If she is unwilling to pay a conservator, she must expect you to perform magic for free. I would say, "sorry".

:cool: Rick
Vivian's quote is the first thing that came to mind! It couldn't hurt to ask, however. Scanning is a thought Dani - have you had success with that process in the past?
Perhaps your client isn't aware of what conservators actually charge - it might not be as much as she thinks.

We (and I include myself here) often have an automatic response - e.g. "Lawyer!?, I can't afford a lawyer" or "Custom Framer!?, I can't afford that!", when really, the cost of doing what we actually want isn't that much. Some conservation treatments are very expensive, but a lot aren't.

I don't know about your area, but here, scanning, photo shopping and reprinting often costs more than conservation work. It might be worthwhile to give her the names of some local paper conservators and have her call them for a ballpark estimate.

The next time someone opens their car door into the side of your car in a parking lot, take your car into the dealer and tell them that you would like to get a 1 inch ding fixed but you don't want to spend any money. Can you imagine their response??
In no way, shape or form would I come off as a wise a$$ to my customer, but what are they thinking? If you want work done anywhere, you have to pay to get it done.
"Wrap up" the 2 x 3 area and then put the picture back where it was for a "couple years" should even out and nobody will know the difference.