fireman frames

A Wise

Sep 25, 2005
Wadsworth. OH
Does any one have resources for frames with fireman designs on them? Raj did carry some really nice ones in pewter but they don't carry them anymore/ I'm looking for some that are ready made in 5X7 or smaller thanks
Like a firetruck with firemen hanging off the side and a dalmation sitting on top? No.

The only moulding I can think of that might work is the Orr American Flag series.

Or you could take a torch to any moulding might have laying around.

We have a design that shows what firemen in San Diego do best, they lay around doing as little as possible with more free time than any of us have ever had in our lives. Then at the bottom of the frame it shows over a hundred thousand dollars pouring into their bank accounts.

The biggest houses in our neighborhood all belong to firefighters. I had a fireman's wife in my shop about a month ago, she was complaining that her husband was only getting a two percent raise this year. Myself, I would love a two percent raise. She felt her husband was underpaid for the type of work he has to do, he has to drive the firetruck.

I know firemen have a dangerous job, then so do paratroopers, ironworker's, brakemen, loggers, farm workers, ranch hands. None of those folks get even close to a fireman's salary, especially if you base it on the hours and effort that firemen enjoy. Anyway, back to the fireman's frame, it is plain wood that does nothing, just sits around. Usually holds a picture of his stock broker.

Baer that's close to what I'm looking for. I did find that site too but what I was looking for was something a little more for an adult. The one RAJ had were pewter and were great. I have a daughter on EMS and a lot of the firemans wives are looking for something more adult. Thanks for the info
1856 huh...I'm betting that one is juuuuust a little pricy. ;)
David, actually the fire was on May 1, 1856....but I'll bet the frame job didn't happen during the ensuing 7 months....

It was commissioned by a private individual as a thank you for the Friendship Engine Co. for saving their house/property.

Nice thank you.
Bear, Nice story. You do great work, it's beautiful!
JERK! I'm not THAT old. :D

But I am thinking about doing something similar for our Fire Station 97... they dumped the house that they built in 1976, and restored their original firehouse and added a second wing to handle the other two vehicles... Beautiful job, and their return to the neighborhood was a real heart warming event.