Fire rated wall coverings


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Jul 30, 1997
Is there anyone in the group that knows about velcro like wall coverings that are fire rated. I need a A, B, or C rated covering. I'm thinking of carpeting. RI was put in a very strict fire code that I have to deal with.

I've had some experience with this - mostly bad, but it turned out okay.

You need, at least here, to get certification from the manufacturer and installer of any wall-covering. Joe Blow's Carpet World may not be able to offer this, so you'll have to ask around.

Oh, I guess that's what you're doing.
When I did my new buildout in 1996, here's what I used:

Excalibur, made by General Felt Industries, Inc.

This looks like the "ribbed" carpeting you see in big rolls at Home Depot, but is made to pass the strict specs. It holds velcro very well. Comes in a nice charcoal gray, and prob. other colors as well. Note that this passed my local municipality's codes, which I believe are strict, but your local codes may vary. Get the requirements for flamespread ratings, and then talk to a good commercial carpet dealer. "Harry's Carpet Barn" won't know what you are asking about.
Good luck.
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Last year I switched from a masonite covered “velcro” fabric board to a carpet.

I didn’t even consider the fire retardant aspects of the carpet when I put it up, and, so far, the fire marshals have only sited me for debris and crud around my water heater. They apparently didn’t even notice the carpet.

Does any one know why should carpet on the wall be treated differently than the carpet on the floor?
There isn't necessarily any logic to the rule at all but, if there is, I'll bet it has something to do with the tendency for fire to travel vertically.

I mentioned on another thread that fire inspectors in Appleton tried to shut me down the day before I opened (?) at my previous location because of carpeting on the wall. With the help of my attorney landlord, I was able to get the required document ion.

BTW, they did not ask for documentation. They asked me to remove the carpeting before I opened my business.
At my last shop I covered the walls with accoustical wall covering. It met all the fire codes, was lightweight, and came in 4'rolls. Hung it like wallpaper. Came in lots of patterns and colors. I ordered from one of the local carpet retailers.