Finally a matboard cross reference list.

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
I got this cross-reference list the other day that really confused me.

Its LJ list that cross-references their Artiques with Bainbridge, Crescent Rags, and Tru-Vues. I was so excited to get this. It was like Santa Clause came early. Well that is until I looked at it.

Who are they kidding?

Oh well back to wishing! I’m going to do an accurate one-day and sell it. I started one a while back but 10 matboards got discontinued before I finished it.
I have one, Jay.

I'd send it to you, but it's in .bst format and there's simply no way to convert it to a format you could use.

(Having the discontinued boards on the list is probably the most useful function.)
Ummm I want this list..... but your right I have never heard of a .bst. I was going to tell you that I would open it if I had to use a sledge hammer but after a search, I think your right. I'll never get that open.
I love it when a customer brings in a framed piece and wants me to match it. I usually get to refame the first one because it was done with old paper mats that are not only faded, but discontinued.

However, I too would like a RELIABLE list.