Fillet V-Nails?


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Jun 23, 2002
I own a Casesse and they are now offering "fillet v-nails" in 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 (3MM, 4MM, 5MM).

Seems kind of small doesn't it!

Well,I bought my first box and I'll be v-nail joining my first fillet soon. It's a pretty good sized fillet, should work well, I'll let you know.

Most fillets are pretty thin though, I wonder if they will make a 1/16.

Has anyone used these little guys yet?
Les - I haven't tried them - not sure I see the need. Fillets are generally soooo small and they don't have to support any weight.

I'll be lookng forward to seeing what you think of them.

These ain't you're oridinary fillets, heck they're larger and more expensive than some of my frames.

I am going to use the one on the right to add as a liner for a 4" Roma frame that will go on a pastel without a mat. An Artcare spacer will go under the glass behind the fillet. I am thinking of trying the new black acid-free foam for that.

I've nailed fillets before, but I hope this will speed up the process.

I am curious how small a fillet I can join this way?
Well, I think I like those little V-nails. I tried them on two jobs where I added them to the frames.They actually work. With the very small fillet, inserting just one 3mm nail in the center of the deepest point on the fillet did the trick. Two v-nails seem to split them apart. It actually creates a strong joint, so you can handle them relatively quickly.

When I inserted them into the frames I alternated strips of glue and 3M 969 tape which held everything together while the glue dried.

On the larger fillet, I use two 5mm v-nail to create a very strong joint.

Next, I will join my fillet for my next mat installation. I'll let you know how it goes.
See one of the completed jobs in the Picture Framing Design Section titled "Pastel with no visible Mat".

You are right - small v-nails (3, 4 or sometimes 5mm) will give some extra support to the fillets. Most manufacturers of V-nails offer them now (Cassèse, Alfamacchine). But don't forget the glue, which will give you the perfect bond.

On some machines you have to pay attention, because with fillets, the inside is the "good" side. I mean: the horizontal clamp sometimes marks the moulding when clamping. For normal mouldings it doesn't matter, because it's the inside of the moulding. But with fillets, it would ruin it. Some electronic machine want the horizontal clamp to hold the moulding, otherwise the firing of the v-nail will not take place. When you have a machine like that, place some wood between the fillet and the clamp to avoid the mark.
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well, i have not met a fillet i could not join with a v-nail

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