Fillet Master works with?

I gues I missed something in the conversation but what's a "fillet master"?

I own a Frame Square chopper and love it but is there a new certification for framers who master the cutting of fillets??

The "Fillet Master" is a measuring system that helps you size perfect fillets every time w/o the tedious "retrimming"
I've never used one, but am seriously considering getting one.
BTW, does anyone know how well it works w/ a Morso (or similar) chopper?
Good Friday morning folks. Rick is correct about the FrameSquare choppers. The only table top chopper that works with the Fillet Master is the new one. Mike, the Fillet Master will give you the exact length to cut the fillet every time, and it works with any floor model chopper and also works with a single or double miter saw. In Atlanta last year a young girl that had never cut a fillet befor measured, and cut the four sides of a perfect fillet in 63 seconds. There are over 1000 Fillet Masters being used currently, and I am not aware of anyone that is unhappy with the results. I will be happy to answer any questions that anyone may have.
Fletcher Fillet Master Info



Fletcher Fillet Chopper
Cut Fillets, With Efficiency, Accuracy and Reliability!

The Fletcher Fillet Chopper is a unique tool that enables you to cut fillets with complete accuracy.

This easy-to-use device is cleverly designed to require minimal maintenance, and accommodates fillets and lip liners up to 1.5" wide.

Combined with the Fletcher Fillet Master, this makes an ideal system for working accurately and efficiently with fillets in any frame shop.


Original FrameSquare Trim Cutter
Thanks for all the information on the fillet master.

I still maintain on any piece of equipment that, if you calibrate it correctly and maintain it regularly, you can do what the equipment is built to do with minimal tedium. I set up my FrameSquare when I bought it from Tony and Kassandra and I only resort to shaving the cut when I have a very tight measurement that goes into the 64th of an inch measurement. My eyes aren't sharp enough to read those tiny lines anymore. But for most fillets I measure and chop once and they fit.

It's not that I am such an expert fillet cutter, I just am very anal about keeping things as accurate as possible. My saws, wall cutter, mat cutters, all my equipment is calibrated and maintained as if they were hooked directly to my heart and were keeping me alive. And in an indirect way they are maintaining my health and welfare, that is how important I feel my "tools of the trade" are to me.

Anal, maybe, accurate, ALWAYS!!

Hay Framerguy,
You are right on the money with the importance of well maintained equipment. I adjust and calibrate constantly. But when my wife and I opened our frame shop, it became obvious to me that she could design very well, but when it came to machanical ability, she was short changed. She would sell the heck out of fillets, but I had to measure and cut them. That is why I invented the Fillet Master. Now she loves to cut the fillets herself. The instrument is for the lazy and the lame. And I qualify as both.
The Fletcher chopper also will miter RabbetSpace rabbet depth extenders - even the 1/2 inch deep one. Nice clean cuts.
If you can get it to work with your chopper, buy one now! Yup, they're a bit pricey but all good tools are. This thing is amazing when used with the Fletcher Fillet Chopper. No guess work, no sanding, no mis-cuts. Just perfect corners every time. But....yes, you do have to spend some time initially setting up and calibrating. Then start selling more fillets!
****! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

(Note to Framerguy: I'm talking about ME, but if the shoe fits . . .)
Hey FilletMaster,

If you want an endorsement, you can quote me:

“Yeah, works good!”

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Wow Jerry.. Kudos on a great website...

I have seen ads for the chopper and master combo in the mags, but how much is the advertised special price?