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fillet chopping troubles


Jan 10, 2005
I am using a trim chopper to chop fillets. Maybe the blades are a little dull, but they haven't been used that many times. About how many fillets can I cut before changing the blades? I just get little chips out of the corners when I chop, and I'm also wondering if it might not be my technique. Anyone got any suggestions or had the same problem? Thanks as usual for any suggestions...
"Little chips out of the corners" could mean a few things.

Your guess about the blades being dull is a good one.

Is it one profile or all? There were a couple of profiles (an 1/8 round LJ one comes to mind) that I pull from my display because they were impossible.

Are the chipping when you make a full slice or when you are "shaving" for that last little fit?
If it's a FrameSquare fillet chopper, the number of fillets chopped should be measured in the high hundreds after a blade sharpening or blade change. If it's still blowing out, it most likely needs an alignment. The clearance on the FrameSquare between the blade and base should be almost nothing and the symetrical for both sides of the chopper.

There are exceptions, but like Cliff said, LJ-X0466 (I think) or similar was tossed years ago because of problems.
I own a FrameSquare also and have found that a little touch up even on brand new blades with a Spyderco ceramic stone does wonders for the smoothness of the cut. It does involve a little bit of very precise work on each blade but I do that and enjoy the end result of knowing how to get that winning edge on any edged tool.

If you don't have that certain "feel" for honing an edge, best leave the blades alone because you can really screw them up if you don't know what you're doing. As a gauge for what I am talking about I have been hand sharpening edged weapons and tools for over 30 years and am still perfecting my technique.

As Rick said, if the problem persists, you probably have calibration troubles with the chopper and may need to check alignment of the blades to the bed of the chopper.
It's not a FrameSquare, just called a Trim Chopper. The corners are chipping sometimes when I shave off a little bit and sometimes when I make the first chop. I just don't see how they could be dull, I've probably only cut about 30 fillets with them, and that is a high estimate. It very well could be the moulding profile (1/8 round, just like Rick said). Well, I'll have to take a closer look, I'm not sure if I can adjust the blades. Thank you for the help.