Fillet Choppers

Pang Shu

Mar 23, 2005
Howdy everyone!

I've got another fun question for everyone! Currently we are using the Frame Square Fillet Chopper, and it is becoming harder and harder for our ladies to chop through the bigger fillets.

Is there such a thing as a small counter top electric/pneumatic fillet chopper?

Is there another solution? We don't buy length moulding, and don't have alot of equipment in our shop. We used to use a mitre box and a saw, but we'd like to upgrade in this area...

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I may be wrong, but it sounds like you order most of moulding chopped or cut and joined.

If you give your distributor very precise measurements, you can get your fillets chopped, too. When you order fillets chopped, they will not add the usual allowance.

If you want to expand your operation and miter your own mouldings, a Morso chopper will cut fillets very well.
Take a look at the latest fillet chopper being marketed by Fletcher Terry.... available from several suppliers, if you're looking for a heavier duty fillet chopper.

Part Number 04-900 Fletcher Fillet Chopper

It's a beefed up version of the original FrameSquare fillet chopper.