Fillet Choppers

Canton Crew

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Sep 17, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
We are going to buy a fillet chopper because we're tired of using the saw (it's like hunting rabbits with an elephant gun). Does anyone have any recommendations as to a good brand? Any problem companies to watch out for? Most of our fillet work will be typical sizes though we do very large work from time to time, so longer fences would be a plus.

Canton Joe (wandering in Carolyn’s cyberspace - let me tell you, it's weird in here, and not just the lack of urinals...)
I have tried a hand held but have had more success with an ITW Amp Mini-Mitre Fillet Cutter. I like the percision cut, and the measuring arm attached. It gets down to business without alot of waste and frustration.
It's table mount design was easily attached to a shelf on the wall 39". From there I exdended a fence from the measuring arm and have cut fillets up to 42" in length thus far. Oh well enough of that. Just my two cents worth. Good luck now.

One of the most recent discussions/rants on fillet cutters can be found here.

… but do a “Search” at the top of this page and you might be able to glean some more info there.
Thanks for the replies, I'll check the rants.