file transfers between computers


True Grumbler
Jul 5, 2001
Aberdeen, WA USA
We recently got a new computer with windows xp. How do I transfer files and folders from the old to the new after I've networked them. I have a friend who can do it but I can't get him to take the time. I'm talking about frameready. If the old computer had a writeable cd it'd be easy. Thanks.
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It's as easy as going to the new computer, and doing the following:

Click on START -> MY COMPUTER -> Right click on C: -> Select SHARING & SECURITY -> Click on "I understand the risks..." -> Under "Network sharing" pick SHARE THIS FOLDER ON THE NETWORK -> Give it a name such as C -> pick ALLOW USERS TO CHANGE MY FILES -> OK

On the old computer:
go to Windows Explorer -> go to the TOOLS pulldown menu -> select MAP NETWORK DRIVE -> Assign it an unused drive letter, such as F: ->Hit browse and find your server in the list. "C on xxxxxxxxx" -> OK.

Your old machine will now be able to access your new machine, as if it was the F:.

You can use Windows Explorer to Copy & Paste selected folders & files from the C: to the F: (my documents, the pos software, etc) Programs will probably have to be re-installed from CD, and make sure you don't copy the windows folder. I'm not sure what kind of copy protection Frameready has, if any. You may have to check with them if it doesn't work.

There is a more detailed tutorial for this at the FAQ link in my tagline, if needed.

If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask. Tthat's why we're here...

In addition to the prior comments, you will need to FIRST install both Filemaker and Frameready on your new computer. Filemaker does require that you enter and installation code. Assuming you will not be using these two computers together on a network, you should be able to use your original installation code on the new computer.
Once you have Filemaker and Frameready installed, then you should copy your Frameready data files from the old computer to the new one using the above procedure.