Ferensoft Trio


Mar 12, 2002
Does anyone use Ferensoft Trio POS software? I'm about ready to make a software decision and this is the only software I haven't heard much about.

John Ranes II CPF GCF

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Jun 7, 1999
Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

As you already know, any of the POS/POP software programs are better than not having a program in operation within your shop.

Having restated that fact, I went with Specialty Soft after looking at at least six programs. Although, not as well known, FerenSoft was my number two choice. It is sold and maintained by John Ferens, Seattle, who wrote a computer column for Decor Magazine for a number of years. His program was comprehensive, easy to work and his reputation of support was also excellent.

Drop him an e-mail, and he'll be glad to give you a list of customers who currently use his product. He probably does not have as many clients out there as the other top four, and a good number are located in the Northwest.


John (Bologna, Italy.....Working....well I didn't work today it is Sunday, so I took the train to Florence!)

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Mar 24, 2002
Clearfield, PA
We're also looking at different POS systems - Does anybody remember the Software that is being offered for half price for one day only this month?


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Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida

That would be FrameReady and I believe that it is on May 15th or 16th that you can get it for half price. (The author's birthday.) I have used this program for almost 4 years and have no complaints about it. It is comprehensive, has online updates for moulding and mat distributors/manufacturers, and is about $1100 for the program.

Whatever you decide to go with, check to see if they have a good support program, how do they handle program updates (part of the maintenance agreement or additional cost as they are issued), do they integrate with any CMC's out there, are their supplies updates current as new items are released and how do you get them, will they listen to their users on what they want to see in a new version of the POS program? These are just a few of the items that I would be concerned with in choosing a POS program.

You can do a search in the Grumble archives and come up with many threads on this subject. It gets hashed over about twice a year at least.

Oh, a straw poll on the Grumble may come up with a close race among FrameReady, LifeSaver, and SpecialtySoft as the leading POS programs used by Grumblers. (Just a guess so don't everyone come down on my case about this.)

If you go HERE you will find the FrameReady website and probably the "birthday" deal in honor of Bert's 29th B-day. (Yeah...... :eek: ) If you click on the "Palette" icon, you will find online support in the form of a forum similar to the G that will answer many of your questions for you. Also call their phone # to find out specifics on their program. It's on the website.

Good luck with your search.


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Jan 23, 1999
Brockville,Ontario, Canada
I just got my upgrade to FrameReady 4.3
I've been using FrameReady since version 1.
Before each upgrade I would check out the competition ( including Ferensoft ) to see if FrameReady was still the best for me. I still see it as being the most intuitive and versatile program out there. ( and the price on Friday can't be beat ).