Felted Wool


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 18, 2004
I had a customer ask me today if I knew how to treat felted wool (not wool felt). I don't have a clue what she is talking about. Felted means it has been washed and shrunk with some thick places in the wool. It has some kind of hand stitchery on it. Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me? She is going to come back, and I want to have a little insight on the subject.
Huh, you learn something new every day. From www.sewnews.com:

Felted wool is made from a wool or wool blend woven fabric that has been processed causing the fibers to shrink and wrap more tightly around each other, making a denser fabric. Boiled wool is a version of felted wool, but it isn't quite as dense. It's usually shrunken knit fabric.

From the sound of it, I'd say treat it like any other fabric art, such as a mola, quilt square, etc. Short answer, sew it with multitudes of stitches in cotton thread.

If it has any value at all, use unbuffered mats. Wool, like most other animal proteins, is a bit acidic and may react badly to alkaline boards.

And remember, if all else fails fake it at the counter and then run to the Grumble for advice. ;)
Ran into some in Scottland. Usually the magistrate just tells the bloke to quit and not fondle the sheep anymore...

OH! THAT felted...wool.... usually "rough" spun then woven wool which is boiled, beaten, then baked...

"Makes the brutch tuffen the bark-sud o' aaunt Kinny's pooch".... as my great aunt Muldred used to say.... then she would do "Black work" (black shiney thread on dull black wool).

Other than that, do what Dave says, he's the MCPF and sober.
Treat in what way?

Animal fibers (including sheep and people..) one directional scales on them, like shingles on a roof. They can lift up (heat, alkalie) and mesh with adjoining fibers. Mechanical action can also mesh fibers together - traditionally, felt is made by beating with sticks, or "twanging" with a bowed string.


In terms of "treating" it - does this mean how to support it for framing? How big is it? How dense is it? How heavy? These will affect the mounting methods.

Originally posted by FramerDave:

And remember, if all else fails fake it at the counter and then run to the Grumble for advice. ;) [/QB]
Thanks guys! That's more than I knew at the start. By the way, Dave, I did exactly as you suggested (even before you suggested it).
By "treat", she meant how to block and mount--now I understand to just mount as FramerDave explained. The square will be approximately 8 x 8 felted wool, not felt. I do know there is a distinct difference in the two.