Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
When I get a repeat customer I like to get some feedback on previous jobs. Even if they are ecstatic upon pickup I would still like to know more, especially if it is a unique piece. If they don't volunteer that information, should it be solicited and, if so, how? Should I leave well enough alone or am I inviting trouble? Do any Grumblers have a stock question for this situation?
To be over simplistic, if they keep coming back, their happy with your store and your work. If they are not happy they won't come back for you to ask for the information. Like Jim Miller says "they foot with their feet".

If you feel like you are losing some of your regular customers, you might want to send out questionnaires asking questions like "how do you rate your overall experience with ***** Custom Framing?", or something similar.
When a customer comes back, we don't usually talk about what they had done the last time, we concentrate on what they have now, unless they bring it up.

If you want some more feedback on your work, send a thank you card with a postage paid postcard enclosed for feedback. We use those postcards for additional customer info, feed back and a space for a couple of referrals. So far, everyone that comes in has a couple of names and addresses to add to our prospect list.

I've seen several types of feedback forms and/or questionaires. Let me know if you'd like some of the wording on these.

Betty ;
your post has made me remember an Idea I had but have not since put to use. I'd love to hear what you and others think of it.
I've given serious consideration to makeing a list of returning satified customers( I guess that is a bit redundant,isn't it?LOL). I would like to compose a newspaper add that (with the repeat customer's permission) would say something to the effect "We do truly unique and imaginative framing.Just ask any of the following or tell them how much you admire there art/work when next you vist them." Then I'd list all the Repeat clients.
The idea is two fold.First a lot of our BEST work is one of a kind and now resides in customer's homes. While we do very often take photos we don't always and they never are as clear as we'd wish.
Second just about every shop brags on their own work ,but seeing the names of people they know is more beliveable and to some degree ,makes others ( copycats/keeping up with the jones types) envious of the work they have seen in the homes and offices of friendsand competitors.
I noticed this when some customers came to our shop and said they saw work we had framed in Christmas Parade of homes ,or when a business wanted their CEOs photo done just like one of their competitors. Or even when they noticed one of those Photos in our alblum that they saw in one of the same places.
So I gues the question I'd have to ask is ;"Would you mind if I used your name as a Satisfied /repeat endorseing customer in my add?"
What do you think?