Favorite glass handling gloves


May 31, 2005
I like Best gloves,Xtra-FlexLite 4300. They have been replaced by Best Nitri-Flex Lite 4500. Anybody like to share their favorite type/brand of gloves?
My favorites are the ones Tru Vue gives away FREE at the trade shows. They leave no residue on Museum Glass, are washable, and provide a good grip on the glass.
I use the free ones from TV. Go to enough shows etc. and you get a pretty good stash. I think if you call them they will send a pair.
I didn't know there were "brands" of glass gloves!! But I have used the complementary pair from Tru-Vue - but prefer the cheap ones I get from LJ - as they go on and off easier...
I like the ones from TV I wear them until they have so many holes in them they are useless. I have small hands so it's hard to find ones that fit well. I hate begging for them from them but looks like it might be time for some more begging
They make glass gloves??? Why? So you can see your hands?

When you have 30 years of calluses built up.... why waste them?

We have a pair of kevlar gloves... slippery as all get out; and a pair of blue silicon... sliced to heck... which is the one from TV or LJ?
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
They make glass gloves??? Why? So you can see your hands?
That's a good one, Baer.

I still think bare hands afford the best grip, and the Tru Vue gloves aren't durable enough to avoid all cuts. But the gloves enable us to handle anti-reflection glass & acrylic without having to clean it.
Get thee to a local butcher. They wear gloves made of chain mail, sharp knives and all. My brother, an electrian, got me some made of kevlar. Both good for cutting wounds (running your hands along the edges), but not for stabbing (shards!).

Good for your protection but may play havok with the museum glass!