Fastening system search failure

Bill Henry-

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Aug 17, 2002
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I’ve tried searching on the Grumble and Google, but apparently don’t know the right words to use.

Somewhere, sometime, someone mentioned on TG a fastening system which I just barely paid attention to at the time. I seem to recall it being somewhat associated with Attach-EZ (but <u>not</u> Attach-EZ). But, maybe not.

It was, I think, a nylon strapping gizmo used for attaching objects (not fabric) e.g. medal displays. It is an alternative to stringing and knotting nylon monofilament through a backboard.

Can anyone remember the name of that item and suggest a link so that I can learn more about it?
Bill, from the United catalog:

Ez- Tach
The Best Way to Mount Three-Dimensional Objects The EZ-Tach Mounting System provides a fast and efficient totally reversible method for mounting most three-dimensional objects. This system differs from the Attach-EZ Object Mounting System by enabling you to mount those objects that can not be pierced by a nylon fastener such as books, pens, jewelry, medals, etc.
Thanks, Ron. That’s it!

The server must be slow, though. It took almost three milliseconds for you to get back to me.

Thanks again!
In a related matter, I installed the Google Desktop Search some time ago. Now, when I do a Google search, it will contain a separate and expandable listing of the instances of the search item on the computer, including emails and web history - each with a little thumbnail of the page.

There were 238 mentions of Attach-EZ stored on my computer. Most, but not all, were on The Grumble.
When I “Gruuuumbled” for “EZ Tach”, most of what was returned were references to “Attach-EZ”.

I am guessing that TG’s search engine does not care about whole words or word order, so “At<u>tach</u>–<u>EZ</u> came up reversed … or somethin’ like that.

My hard copy United catalog only goes up to 5761 and their web site doesn’t contain any useful information about EZ-Tach other than the order number.

I found what information I was seeking at FramingSupplies dot com.

So, once again, as the sun sinks slowly in the west, Ron, in his white hat, has once again brought peace and tranquility to the simple settlers in the valley and earned undying gratitude from the men folk.

<font size=-40>Oh, gag me with a spoon!</font>
earned undying gratitude from the men folk.
I'd prefer it from the women folk . . .

You'd probably find some info on Pat Koutour's website.

I have the EZ Tach kit and plan to try it out just as soon as I read the directions. (I've had it for about 17 months, but you can't rush into these things.)
The search feature on the forum hardly keeps up anymore, and often gets cumbersome IMHO. If you use the "site:" command in Google you can narrow down your searches far more easily and probably get better and more accurate results for general term or word searches.

E.g. " EZ " will give results for thos items, also using "~attach ~tool" may be useful for such searches.