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FAQ section

Tim Hayes.

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 31, 2001
Would it be possible to create a "FAQ" section here on the G. It would offer newcomers the opportunity to simply click on a button that would be labeled with a topic that has been discussed many times here on the G, and immediately direct them to a list of posts on that subject.
Framing Software (POS)
Computerized Mat cutters (CMC)
Starting a Business
to name a few.
Tim that sounds like a very good idea .However it could take some doing to compile all the ideas and questions that are considered and have been considered FAQ. Maybe we could set some bench mark and when a question was asked a given number of times it would rollover to the FAQ section. It would also be nice if there were some way to note the number of HITS a query got in the SEARCH segments and that would roll those over as well.

I caught a rather snide remark for suggesting that other consult the Search sections first when asking some of those FAQ or what may be considered one since the SEARCH segments do serve as a FAQ reservoir if you Know how or what to look up.

Titling can be a major stumbling block for the search segments as well as a FAQ section as well.

But the Compiling of a list of the YEARS of already discussed topics is the most daunting but BENEFICAL task. IMHO
We should probably refer them to the archives at the bottom of the page, if the search doesn't product anything. The archive is easy to scroll through the topics. The FAQ would be good also, but a lot of work and so many answers!