Fantastic Seminar

Rob Markoff

PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 8, 1999
San Diego, CA USA
Wow! I just returned from a fantastic San Diego Chapter PPFA workshop on wrapping fabric liners, bulletin boards, and setbacks.

The day started with an informative talk on how silk and linen fabric is made, and we saw silk cocoons and the flax plant.

Each participant went home with a Canary wood frame, a completed fabric wrapped liner, setbacks and float board (with silk no less) and an application roller and glue. Also, we each made a floater frame with a fabric wrapped bulletin board.

And to top it off, we received a well written handout on the theory and practice of pricing fabric wrapped materials (mats and liners).

The workshop was taught by Scott Brummit from Raphael's and was worth the two hour drive from San Diego to Palm Springs where the workshop was held.

The ENTIRE cost of the workshop was underwritten by the San Diego Chapter of the PPFA. It was FREE to all members and some members even brought their employees.

I highly recommend this workshop to all PPFA Chapters as an event, or, if you are at a trade show and Scott is teaching this class, it is worth every penny.

Afterwards, we received a docent tour of the Palm Springs Museum's collection which was quite worthwhile.

What a wonderful day.
I'll second that recommendation! Scott Brumitt did the same class for the North Texas Chapter.

A 2 hour lecture before lunch, then a hands on workshop in the afternoon made it one of the best we have ever had.