fancy mat, just showing off...


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Apr 29, 2002
Corrales, New Mexico
Round picture, no oval mat cutter. What's a mad framer to do?

How about this:
Nice Hanna! I suspect that with your location you have become quite adept at Native American patterns in your mats.

Pat :D :D
That's a sharp looking mat, Ms. Hanna! Thanks for posting it; always like to see what other mad framers are dreaming up!

BTW, how do you charge for that? Do you charge for how long it took to design, plus a $ amt. x the number of times you took blade to mat?

Anyway, nice job!
Jeez Hanna, you mean you don't have one of those mat cutters that Jay was talking about last month where the straight bar allows you to cut oval mats?? :confused:

I'm shocked!! :eek: :eek:

But very entertained. Very nice solution. It dances well with the picture.

Thanks, guys!

I charge by the time on special cuts. (including time to change blades, if any) Labor on this came to $10.

This was for one of my artists, and is hanging in the gallery for sale. I tend to indulge myself on things I am going to be looking at for a while.

I am good at Native American designs, but this wasn't supposed to be one. I was trying for old geometric Celt.
That is one of the best and most creative solutions I have seen for some time. Top effort!!!