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David Waldmann

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Feb 6, 2002
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While perusing a telephone system forum (that seems to use the same software as TG), I came across some interesting code in a signature that I thought I'd try.

I dunno, David.

Every time I see an unsolicitated notice that describes the guts of my computer, CLYDE, I feel like I’ve just had a colonoscopy report posted on the web.

Even though it’s benign, I feel violated.
This kind of info is the easiest to get from any computer. Your computer transmits part of the info when you are online anyway.

It doesn't mean they can get more than this rudimentary data, assuming, of course, you have reasonably protected your PC with Anti-Virus. a Firewall and other protective measures to prevent spyware and such.
And while the info is partly right, in my case right now (at this PC) I am on an in house network that is in a totally different Domain/DNS than is suggested. The IP is completely off....Get a firewall/router people.

Wow David, do you use Spiretech? That's a Portland, OREGON ISP.....

It's one of the ISPs that I use, only because 1) they are good, 2)I throw darts with one of the owners father and 3) My tech guy is the other owner.

Their system has been down for a total of 14,128 nanoseconds since 1998.

"colonoscopy", thanks Bill for the <strike>visual</strike> viseral image.... now I have to go lie down.
Hah... good one David.. you got Baer hook, line, and sinker..
I even got a concerned email from a fellow employee about it.

psst... that graphic is custom-made just for you (as it's your browser that's submitting that information). ;)